For the umpteenth time, while grasping at straws and desirous of concocting any tale and yarn they remotely hope will gain traction with the people and in the process help further their propaganda purposes, a certain Edet Eyo Bassey, obviously a media hack for the opposition elements in Akwa Ibom State wrote the above referenced piece where he again, dredged up an issue the discerning readers had over the years laughed off and dismissed as the handiwork of a lazy and devious mind: the malicious assertion that it is only Zenith Bank that has been favoured by the Administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in its financial dealings.

Having gone through the piece, my initial reaction was to ignore it, but given the amount of lies and vile propaganda the writer had injected into the piece, I had no option but to state the fact as they are: The truth is that Zenith Bank, one of the shining lights in Nigeria’s financial services industry, has not been unduly patronized by the Administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel; other financial institutions have equally enjoyed great patronage by the Administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel, and the facts are there for any dispassionate person to see.

For three years now, the opposition has pushed the narrative that since Governor Udom Emmanuel came from the financial services sector and had risen to the position of an Executive Director with Zenith Bank, that he would subsequently be more open to doing business with the bank than other banks. Quite a twisted and bewildering logic you will agree with me!


But there is something these naysayers don’t seem to know about Governor Udom Emmanuel: He is a man of due process, an epitome of transparency, Christian fortitude and masculinity, a man who abhors any trace of opaque strands in his dealings with either institutions of government or the private sector. He believes in providing equal opportunity for people and institutions to thrive. These were the tendencies and attributes the premier mouthpiece of the APC led Federal Government- the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) saw in him, when they honoured him with the National Integrity and Service Award early this year.

The opposition elements in Akwa Ibom State should stop their expedition campaign on issues concerning transparency, sterling stewardship, passion and verve, because their assignment will yield them no success.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is passionate and dedicated to moving Akwa Ibom State to the next level and layer of development and he will not be distracted by the antics of propagandists and people of small minds. He is and will remain the very definition of Integrity!

Ekerete Udoh
Senior Special Assistant, Media/Chief Press Secretary

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