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Ini Ememobong : This ‘House Boy’ By Osondu Ahirika


Ini Ememobong : This ‘House Boy’

By Osondu Ahirika

In 1871, American authour, Louisa Alcott wrote a novel, titled, Little Men. The novel sometimes alternatively referred to as, Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys, is one of the trilogy of her other popular prose, Little Women.
Indeed, Little Men, reprises characters from Little Women.
Let me apologize that, attempting an abridgement of the said novel, will distract from my main subject, which is about the ‘House Boy’ from Use Ndon, Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, who is currently, the State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Comrade Barrister Ini Ememobong.

The ‘House Boy’ tag isn’t patented to me. Amusingly, it was given him as a ‘franchise’, from his beloved uncle, Dr Effiong Etok alias Charles Taylor. It was another synonym for dismissing Barrister Ememobong as a ‘Small boy’, or ‘Little man’, who should not think he amounts to much.

Fate has pitched both actors, (Ememobong and Etok), on fiercely opposite political camps. Dr Etok is(I’m yet to confirm if he still remains after their State Congress) the State Chapter Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Although, the APC is the ruling party at the Federal level, Etok, finds himself playing opposition politics with his junior relative back home in Akwa Ibom State, where the PDP holds sway.
It was therefore no surprise, when Etuk, in a feat of political miscue, dismissed his nephew as a ‘House Boy’. I agree with him completely. Just that, we differ in our evaluation of this ‘House boy’, who, has outperformed, outgunned and overwhelmed the Big Man.

In their native Use Ndon, Barrister Ememobong has renovated to a modern upgraded edifice, the Use Ndon Town Hall and furnished it. Today, wedding receptions, major summits and conferences are held there.
The ‘House Boy’ of Use Ndon has donated uniforms, footwears and books to the pupils of Government Primary School, Use Ndon.


Not done, he donated a Computer Laboratory to the same Primary School and wrappers to the teachers in the school to encourage learning and motivate them to do their best for the pupils under their watch. Charity, for him, had to begin at home, but it did not end there.

This ‘House Boy’ sponsored free WAEC, SSCE and JAMB preparatory classes for students in Ibiono Ibom. Fully staffed and payrolled by him, Ememobong also donated a Bible each, to all the participants in the scheme and complemented it with textbooks to enhance their learning.
Across all the wards of Ibiono Ibom, Barrister Ememobong selected and has sponsored vocational training for sixteen youths in wood technology/ furniture making, Aluminum smelting and Barbing.

Let’s veer off to the political terrain and this ‘House Boy’ has conquered what he came to see. Already amassed under resumerial belt are the accolades of, erstwhile President of National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, served as Special Assistant on Students Matters to former Governor Godswill Akpabio, was Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Political Affairs, until May 10, 2016, when he was elected, State Publicity Secretary of the PDP.

In this current office, the ‘House Boy’ has struck a note exceeding excellence. He is peerless and has not only given PDP a rebranding, reinforced the parties programmes, but has through sheer genius, given the party a voice, that is at once, indescribably, the Peoples voice.

The name Ini Ememobong will live in the legend of the PDP and Party administration in Nigeria for the many firsts he wroth. The Publicity Secretariat under his watch came alive and birthed Nigeria’s first Political party wholly produced Radio programme to engage, inform, mobilize, sensitize and interact with the masses.
The Umbrella, which happens every Saturday, on Planet FM 101.1 has since sired an appendage, The Umbrella Business Quest, aired on Comfort FM 95.1,Uyo. While the former is a magazine programme, the latter is a competitive business show, which gives aspiring entrepreneurs, a platform to present their business ideas or products to the public for votes of endorsement. Seasonal winners, alongside first and second runner ups, are given grants of 250,000, 150,000, and 100,000 as start up capital by the PDP. Six winners have since been produced.

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The Publicity Secretariat of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State also made history as the first chapter to produce a yearly Diary, Calendar, desktop calendars, and her official magazine, The Scroll, which comes in both English and the translated Ibibio version to reach the grassroots.
Amazing, what this ‘House Boy’ is doing. It is all thumbs up to His Excellency, Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, who, unlike Uncle Charles Taylor, saw the ‘Star’, in this ‘House Boy’, and gave him the spur to manifest.

Ini Ememobong is everything a gifted leader should be. His brilliant bipartisan skills has been stamped on the fabric of our political structures. I hear him Loud and Clear, saying, “Let’s humanize politics and not politicize humanity”. The profoundity of this philosophy is demonstrated by his carriage. In his many collosal victories, he shows sympathetic understanding that has won the loyalty of the defeated.
The influence of this ‘House Boy’ transcends party, ethnic, age, and gender lines and will last long beyond his lifetime. He is inspired by a mighty vision, the Big Man cannot fathom. His thoughts are for others. His headstrong impatience with the politics of Self, is perhaps, the only quarrel he has with other politicians.

Even in his lowly estate, last Sunday, May 20th, 2018, this ‘House Boy’ rewarded two of his loyal staff. To Cecilia Essien, he donated a Land with all the title deeds and to Barrister Ewa Okpo, he donated a Toyota Camry Saloon car. These are just the latest beneficiaries, as he had previously doled out cars for land and even a building to others who have worked with him overtime.
I will proceed no further in lavish acclamation of this ‘House Boy’, but summon the Big Man who thrashed him, with the failed intendment to demean his solid record, to come up with what he has done for clan and State.

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I am placated, Ini Ememobong, embodies the spirit and ambitions of every single youth that aspires to fame and drives to leap, from the known, to create, experience and surpass the unknown.
This piece comes rather belatedly, as I mean to celebrate the Second Anniversary of the unveiling of this colossus who has united wisdom with youthful vigour. He has impregnated Party administration, and politics in general, with all that is international best practices and inscribed upon it, ideals never thought of.
This ‘House Boy’, who is happily married to beautiful Barrister Sandra Ememobong and blessed with three lovely kids has rocked our generation and ranks among the great men of our times.


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