Ndifreke P. Akpan (Govt House)

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has reiterated his belief that the coalition of over 39 political parties on Monday under the aegis of the Coalition of United Political Party, is a determination of sincere people to make sacrifices for the future of the country.

The Governor who spoke with State House correspondents at the airport shortly on arrival from national engagements in Abuja said the coalition was akin to a whole community preparing broth for only one man, saying it was impossible for such a person to finish that meal.

Mr Emmanuel said the country has begun to look beyond party lines hence the decision to begin a search for people who can effectively provide good leadership for the country at the center.

“I know the stress we go through as the largest oil producing state and not even a kilometre of road from the Federal Government. I know the stress we go through when you don’t actually receive any support.”

He said it was important, “We just also make sure that the center is well handled so that we can be able to take care of our people.”

He lamented the stress the state passes through to pay salaries when there are no statutory allocations from the Federal Government.
“It robs off on everybody and not to talk of the friends that we have, not to talk of what we’ve built overtime, investments lost, private sectors almost wiped out. I think It is a whole lot.”

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While hoping for a better leadership and brighter future for the country, the Governor said, however that, “We don’t want to pre-empt what will happen, we are not God, we are men but you know as a man, you must first of all make a move, you must step forward and let God use people to achieve what he wants to achieve.”

On the Governorship elections in Ekiti this weekend, he expressed confidence of the PDP victory, but appealed to security agencies against intimidation and force against the people.
“We don’t also expect Army at polling booths, we don’t even expect them at elections. Police is enough. It is just to guide people and make sure there is peace and order.”

He sued for peace and fairness by the electoral umpire during the elections, maintaining that elections are won or lost with ballot papers accessible to only those with voter’s card.

“Any attempt to intimidate people, it means we don’t want democracy to survive,” he added.

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