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Charles Udoh reacts to Youth and Constituted authorities, donates sewing machine to radio caller


Charles Udoh reacts to Youth and Constituted authorities, donates sewing machine to radio caller

Youths in the state have been urged to uphold the age-old moral values of Akwa Ibom people by showing respect to constituted authorities and the elderly in the society.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh, gave the charge today in Uyo while interacting with callers on a Radio Programme, “Akwa Ibom Rising”, a Live phone-in programme on Inspiration 105.9 FM.

Charles Udoh frowned at the situation where youths go online to abuse the Governor who is the number one father of the state, reiterating that, insulting the Governor or the office of the Governor is against biblical injunction and traditional laws of the land which go with repercussion.

He said Governor Udom Emmanuel has been celebrated within and outside Nigeria and even globally for his commitment to sustainable development of the state and wonders why few youths and indigenes in vantage position should erode our values and debase morals by maligning the Governor and insulting his person and office.

Udoh advised the youths to fashion out a meaningful future for themselves by getting themselves prepared for the future demands of cottage industries operating in the state by getting the right professional training and skills that will position them for the different value chain opportunities in all those companies in such areas as distributorship, supply and media services, among others.

He warned them not to allow pittance from unscrupulous members of the society in high places to block their chances of benefitting from the d ividends of good governance of Governor Udom Emmanuel adding that all the industries in the state are real and in operation.

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“Do not allow people to deceive you. These industries you hear are real. You can see, touch and feel them. If you doubt, come to my office let me take you there. I will make sure the visit is beamed on television”, Charles Udoh emphasized.

On criticism, the Information Boss said the present government is not against criticism but is open to constructive criticisms that will contribute to the development of the state stating that the desire to attract contributions from the people necessitated the opening-up of the Udomcares Citizen Centre for views, suggestions and feedback from the people.

Expressing that, the Citizen Centre is opened Monday to Friday within the hours of 9am to 4pm, Udoh said sms and whatsapp messages only are received at the Centre and gave the number and email of the Udomcares Citizen Centre as 09076173782 and citizen@akwaibomstate.gov.ng respectively.

And in a spontaneous reaction to one of the callers, Ofonime who requested for assistance, the Commissioner offered a Sewing machine to him to assist his daughter start up a sewing business in Calabar.

It would be recalled that, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh had few weeks ago donated a sewing machine to a caller while on Planet FM and also donated towards the burial expenses of a bereaved caller. The donation to Ofonime is one of the numerous donations the Information Boss has recently been undertaking while on different sensitization and public awareness radio programmes.



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