“Before it is too late”

Dear Obong Paul Ekpo,

Before it is too late, we are compelled to send you this letter and pleased to do so shortly after the Local Government primaries of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State; whose outcome have no doubt served​ as “a political eye opener” for politicians in Ikono who are interested in learning and understanding contemporary political directions. This message reads in parts. Detailed is in print media publication and copy submitted to your office.

Regrettably, the results were not determined by the choice of the majority group but on party decisions, which has left a lot of people with a feel bitterness and sense of frustration that requires urgent reconciliations with those who expected that the election of the councillorship candidates would be determined by the majority members of the party.

Sir, in order that you have a clear mental framework of what we stand​ for; regardless of any consequence, this letter will analyse certain fundamental issues that relates to Ikono PDP. This we do in the hope that as consciencious party manager, you may advance to solve our myriads of problems if you understand the contemporary Ikono political situation.

1. Most senior politicians from Ikono, who were financially and politically empowered by the PDP have decamped to APC with the money they made while serving in the PDP government.

2. Some of the current political office holders are more interested their personal ambitions​ than the collective interest of the party, such that we fear if they will stand with PDP as the 2019 general elections approaches.

3. Above all the PDP at the chapter level was formed based on concession to certain big names; sincerely speaking it was not formed based on political antecedent, capacity and free choice of the party members.

While 1-3 was largely viewed as an albatross in the Party, Obong Emmanuel-Udo persuaded leaders of four (4) socio political organizations in Ikono to collapse their Associations into one, which birthday our nomenclature “Association of Home Based Politicians” which are voters card carrying members and promised to finance and protect the interest of our members.

It may interest you to know that chief among Macaire’s intentions is to secure at least 80% votes for the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel and Senator Godswill Akpabio and any other person(s) that the party would satisfactorily present for the 2019 general elections.

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Based on our numerical strength, judging from our massive mobilization which Macaire can attest to, we were sure of winning councillorship candidates in all the eleven (11) wards of the Local Government Area, before our numerical strength got counted for nothing because of the idea of mortgaging our power to urban based political stakeholders with no meaningful grassroot relevance.

The question of who a stakeholder in Ikono politics is and their roles stare us in the face, especially as it seems entirely different from what is obtained elsewhere. How did we arrive at recognizing past and present Political Office holders; with little or no grassroots political value as stakeholders over those that have selflessly contributed to the growth of the party.

This sustained culture is unfortunate, painful and pathetic as it constantly robs and insults our belief in “party over self” which in every knowledge is an invitation to complacence that could lead to losing general elections if the home based politicians decide to watch the process from the sidelines.

With the political leader’s instruction that we remain intact for PDP, does it mean that we will vote for the councillorship candidate we did not nominate? Is he not aware that we have become “objects of mockery? What was the essence of our mobilizing people for elections? We are desirous of a gainful political direction, but for Macaire’s committed financial support to us, which got us agreeing to support his political adventures.

Angered by the unexpected twist in the manner the nominations were conducted, after Macaire assured us that power has returned to the people at the grassroot through majority votes, leaving us to ponder of he can continue catering for our large membership from his private purse and for how long he would have to continue doing so.

It could be recalled that during his last praise and worship session (Akaam Macaire) in Ukpom Ward 5 just before the primaries, Emman Ukpong-Udo warned that any Home Based Politician that would be involved in any kind of violence or crime during and after the primaries would be on his/her own and concluded by instituting a cash prize award for any ward that wins without the slightest form of violence. Unfortunately events as they unfolded never gave us opportunity to show the world the impact of grassroots mobilization over municipal politicians, who stay outside Ikono to spread blatant falsehood that is capable of changing our human impulse to that of monsters.

As it is today, the home based politicians are disadvantaged due to the concessional politics that have deprived us the privilege of producing a councillor but must warn that if this continues in the appointment of supervisors, it shall bring serious pressure to bear on 2019 general elections bearing in mind the picture the Political Leader painted when he told us that one of the major reasons for staking so much money, time and other resources is to stop the politics of “monkey dey work baboon dey chop”.

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On the issue of the nomination of the chairmanship candidate of PDP in Ikono LGA, Itoro Columba emergence is as a result of the divine intervention by God, it is not due to the political power of any politician in Ikono or the woman commissioner, Dr. Glory Edet who was at his assistance; rather he emerged because God had designed him for the position of an elected Chairman of Ikono Local Government Area in this political dispensation. This is why after all hope was gone God sent a very powerful individual contactor to factorise political equation for him.

So much needs to be done if we must put the records straight, and soonest, we intend to revisit the way and manner the empowerment materials from the Senate Minority Leader, Chief Godswill Akpabio was shared among certain units to the detriment of others by a few stakeholders who professes to being politically grounded to deliver PDP come 2019.

We recall with sadness that one of our constituent groups, Ikemesit Ndito Ikono made a full page newspaper congratulatory message to Dr. Glory Edet on her appointment as Commissioner in the state executive council, not knowing it was an invitation to anarchy as she has summarily sought to give herself an unexplainable role of prominence in Ikono instead of concentrate with Ini Local Government politics.

In one of the PDP Ikono Chapter enlarged executive meetings, Dr. Glory Edet was one of the invitees; the above are enough early warning signals for the people of Ikono to have sensed the intention of Dr. Glory Edet to temper with the zoning system existing in Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency. We however advice that as the Governor’s appointee, she should do more to protect the image of her boss rather than bring the Government disrepute with the role she played in the last PDP councillorship / Chairmsnship primaries in Ikono Local Government Area. Let us advise her to stop stressing herself further because, Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency seat is not yet vacant for an indigene of Ini Local Government Area.

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Thinking about Obong Emmanuel Ukpong (Macaire) and contemporary Ikono politics, we are reminded and likened his situation to a story we read about Ikono Ibom empire, where a Messiah was roundly rejected because the Emperor was against his rising acceptance and goodwill. This finds expression in what the Ikono Political Leader have suffered in the hands of metropolitan politicians who lay claim to ownership of the area.

We do not understand why people should concentrate and channel their energy towards internal struggle of how to smear the political leader with dirt before the government instead of doing grassroot mobilization which is the basis to winning general elections. Honestly Speaking if the present situation is maintained there would be weeping, serious weeping, indeed, for those who see the need to weep on account of electoral defeat that would have been avoided had reasonable care been taken.

For us the home based politicians we are immune to cheating; hardship has been our tutor in recent years, which is why we do not want to remember the past except for goodness, after all without our bitter experience in Ikono politics there would not have been any need for the formation of Association of Home Based politicians, whether anybody is willing to accept this fact or not, Macaire has changed the pattern and direction of Ikono politics; For instance those who never cared about how the people fared, are gradually recruiting people for fear of total usurpation of Ikono politics by Macaire. Every camp is asking God to bless Macaire that without his presence in Ikono politics those who are now pampering them would not have been picking their calls.

To our dear political leader, we know it is natural for him to be uncomfortable because the people he assisted to climb political ladders are now showing him the gratitude of a leopard to a monkey by whose tail it climbed out of a dingy pit; Let him not mind, in real life situation reward for good works do not always come from the expected sources.

We wish you the best in your endeavour to solve all the internal problems of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State and most especially that of Ikono Local Government Area.

Thank you Sir.

International Chairman Association of Home Based Politicians / Political Analyst

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