Rev Fr. Patrick Edet Resigns as Catholic Priest


Rev. Father Patrick Henry Edet said on a Radio programme that he has resigned as a catholic priest.

“From today henceforth, I cease to be a Catholic Priest, in my spirit and in my soul. I forgive those who will criticize me, I live for God. I seek freedom for my soul. As I leave, I leave smiling I AM SO HAPPY THAT I AM FREE” – He said on a live Radio.

He said he resigned because he does not want to submit to any human authority but to God.

Rev. Edet said he should be addressed as Reverend Patrick Edet. And on a lighter note he says he can still be called a Father.


Prior to his resignation today, the resignation speculations have been heard in Catholic circles.

The resignation was long overdue, people saw it coming. Rev Patrick Edet wanted to leave when Bishop Joseph Ekuwem was the bishop of Uyo Diocese. When the Bishop John Ayah came to Uyo Diocese, he gave him (Fr. Edet) so much hope.

The Bishop also gave him the Pastoral center for his Grace Family Ministry.

Many people were shocked while he gave the Pastoral Center for his Ministry. The cabals which consist of mainly old Priest have been agitating against Rev Edet since Bishop Ekuwem’s time

Bishop Joseph Ekuwem

It was because of that agitation Bishop Ekuwem sent him (Fr. Edet) to Police chaplaincy to Abuja in 2011 and 2012.

On returning since the chaplaincy did not work for him, Bishop Ekuwem kept him until the new Bishop came and gave him so much hope.

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Because of the oath of Secrecy which binds the Priesthood, it’s difficult for Rev. Edet to really say the real reason for his recent decision.

Though he made attempts to mention issues such as Tradition, Blackmail and politics surrounding the recent ejection of his Ministry from the Pastoral Center.

His resignation as been term as an escape route, because if he had stayed longer, Rev Edet would have been rubbished with a scandal.

Bishop John Ayah, Uyo Diocese

Rev Edet was loved by the present Bishop, who also protected him. Rev Edet felt that when the Bishop is transferred or any eventuality, he will no longer be protected so he had to resign.

For fear that the new Bishop could withdraw his faculty and send Rev Edet to residence, which means he would no longer be seen doing things of God publicly as seem in the law.


Rev Edet resignation has left the Catholic Community in shock and disappointment.

Majority of the Ministry members who have been following the development are happy he made the move by quitting the Priesthood.

Those who are in the formation ground in preparation to become Catholic Priest maybe having a mixed feeling especially having been in the system to ascertain the real truth about his resignation.

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  1. Rev Patrick said he is happy leaving the Catholic Church because he doesn’t want to submit to any authority,Wel he should read the bible in heaven there is hierarchy.Submition shows obedience..Whether you leave or not the Catholic Church is waxing strong..We all belong to one body of Christ.

    • Which secrecy? He came choose to become a pagan…like I care, on the Last Day we shall Know Who Stands Right, People condeming the Catholic Church like they know Half of it.,A church that was instituted by Jesus Him self, on the last day we shall know who the ‘cultist’ and fake people really are, A church that has being in existence overs 2 thousands years you don’t know a pinch about the catholic church, before condeming make and do you research with an unbiased man. REV FR PATRICK EDET enjoy the uproar you are causing now.. Our Lord is Alive, taint the image of the catholic church enjoy you moment, but ‘you will Account for thing to the last bit.’ mark my word.

  2. Their is nothing like church in heaven, if human authority want to hinder you from serving God and humanity which is the essence of our existence here on earth, Rev Patrick Edet God will heip and bless you.

  3. It not about leaving the Catholic church that proffers the solution to ‘” freedom” he should have learnt from other Catholic priests like father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration ministry who have remained strong in their belief inspire of tribulations from Enugu state government and the diocese.

  4. Even if the Bishop leave the church, Catholic is One and will always be waxing stronger. So many history can testify, the likes of Luther King etc

  5. This is really disheartening. May God save him from pride and self centeredness.

    He is human and has his challenges. It is only by God’s grace that any body can conquer.

    Uyo diocese need to look inwards. There are enough challenges in the heirechy of the church. May God help us.

  6. He has his personal reasons for doing so. I saw this coming a long time back. If only you know his experiences and the story behind his resignation,Ii know everyone will sure have his or her own say to this very matter. Like he said, he wants to report directly to God and no man, at least from that sentence alone, all of us can figure out what he meant by that if only we think outside of that sentence. I am still a catholic and so will i remain. I was part of the team of this NIGHT OF GRACE PROGRAM BEFORE IT BECAME SEASON OF GRACE way back when i was still young. That Man HAS COURAGE. I WILL RESPECT HIM TILL ETERNITY.

    • I rili respect ur opinion on diz issue. REV. EDET has blessed n transformed so many lives around d globe, n i must confirm he was rili called by God, n so, he shuld submit 2 God rather than man. I luv him n will still do, no mata wat!

  7. May God strengthen u to stand with your decision… Every opposition won’t succeed

  8. Rev Patrick was my parish priest from 2006 to 2011, then as a Catholic priest in my parish he go’s though elude,what am trying to say here is that we should not say what we don’t know about his diction of leaving his priesthood, even if he is no longer a Catholic priest I Chris still believed in him because he said something (I leave for God but not man), so please my people let be careful of what we said about this diction of his, do it’s so sard.

  9. Pls read 1Corinthians 10: 23 – 33. Ask d Holy Spirit to help u understand it. But in particular verses 23 – 24 “Everything is permissible” – bt not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”- but not everything is constructive. No body should seek his own good, but the good of others. I know he Fr Edeth knows the Bible very well,does he know how many people this his decision will make loose their balance in faith? I humbly suggest that he would have considered the soul of the weaker ones and accept the scandal, knowing fully well that the crown is only for those who endured to the end. Jesus never told us that it will be easy. Moreover we were told to submit to authorities. If God has been bringing Bishops that has been by his side,why did he now loose focus that God will finish what he started

    • That is what am saying.. The journey started long time ago during the formation year before graduating to be a seminarian.All this he knew it’s going to submit to authorities,IF as altar servers we submit to our senior once hw much more the priest.

  10. My brethren, let’s focus on Jesus. Cursed is he that place his trust in man.This is the last days.Let’s pray for him and ourselves. Humanity everywhere has failed God even with the gift he gave us.

  11. We leave in a country and at a time when the choices of people concerning their faith is not just questioned but considered to be irresponsible. The rest of the world hopes to build a society were folks do take decisions because of their rights to life. Most Nigerians on the other hand prefer you suffer in silence and servitude, provided the ego and authorities are well massaged! Pathetic!


  13. brethren, am so happy that God in his infinite mercy have converted a strong man to his kingdom.the truth is that the Catholic church have preferred to submit to human authorities than to God.pls read ex.20:1-17 and compare it to the ten commandments you know. Catholics run for your lives,there will be surprises in heaven.may God help us in Jesus name.Amen congratulations to you fr.Edet

    • Ignorance is the worst form of disease. Why not be silent on this kind of issues you know nothing about before you bring curse on yourself.
      Catholics are submitting to human authorities, but you that are foolishly being used by a one-man business “pastor” is there thinking that you know God better.

    • Kingsley, just listen to yourself. Your line of thoughts leaves much to be desired. However, you are entitled to your opinion and it will neither make or mar the growth of the church. But always think and reason more carefully before postulating your unjustified position.

    • Help yourself first. You worship pastors and we submit to the authorities because the Bible says so

  14. Fr. Patrick Edet has made up his mind but it’s late, why should he address himself as rev. whereas he was given the faculty to consecrates the Holy species of Christ?. He should have choose to become a permanent deacon rather than being transitory. Catholic Church was instituted by christ and He (Christ) has given saint peter the key to the kingdom of God; what he is bound on earth, and what it is not bound on earth cannot be bound. If may ask the apostate priest, is this not an authority to men on earth? oh fr. ur resignation has brought grievances, pains and critism to the ecclisiastical communities, as far as catholic church and the sacrament of holy order is concern; u are a priest forever according to the order of melchizedek. ECCE QUAM BONUM!

  15. Submission to the authorities is biblical, worshipping pastors is what…..?

  16. These things are never revealed to the wise nor the learned; lets have child mindset! Let’s cast all our burden to God (Jesus Christ)!! Believe me, He cares!!! His word shall continue to be a lamp unto our feet……..In All let the Will of God be done. Amen.


    • Let hm not go about saying oda tns 2 kil d image of d church.a priest nd stil agitatn 2 mary is never cald 2 priesthood!

  18. If his intentions are for Good no priest or Bishops can stop him. For the priest to leave,his its decision,But he shouldn’t say he does not want to submit himself to any authorities.He knew that before he embark on the journey…A journey of many years as a seminarian..So it’s not now he will know he his bowing to authorities..

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