OPINION: Students and Additional week to opening: Are Parents at fault?


Students and Additional week to opening: Are Parents at fault?

By Udeme Umoren

That Education system in the country is sinking fast to the bottom of an ocean cannot be successfully argued against. Upon the effort of government to revamp the system, it appears there is no remarkable positive change. In different states of the country, including Akwa Ibom, the invention of free and compulsory education in primary and secondary schools is expected to maximize students enthusiasm and create ample opportunities even for the under-privileged. But what can we boast of in the system considering students attitude towards their academics? Is the system not a metaphor for the late awaiting burial?

However, it is observed these days that teachers have long been familiar with difficulties posed by students in schools. This may sound funny but one never can tell the atrocities of students which teachers lament daily. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to believe that cultism is now part and parcel of the free and Compulsory Education, Schools, and even private schools. Of course, truancy, absenteeism and conflict seem to have been legalized in the system as far as the students are concerned.

To worsen the situation, it looks ethical, traditional and cultural for students in the state to be adding one extra holiday week to re-opening date of schools, especially, those in the public schools. Touring the school on 15th January, 2018, the re-opening date of schools this term, it was revealed that teachers were all watching the entrances of their schools for students arrival but none came in some schools throughout the day. The same condition lingered throughout the first week as confirmed by many teachers.

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Who are to blame, government, teachers or the parents?

To this end, if it is government that should be blamed, the meaning is that its free and compulsory education policy has really done more harm than good as viewed by the society. If it is the teachers, it implies that government should still be held responsible as the teachers are not well-equipped to be mobile to be going from house-to-house and be begging and conveying the students to schools. Whether the parents should be blamed depends on what is considered to be the role of the parents. Should the parents direct their wards on academic pursuits? If yes, it will mean that the parents have failed in their responsibility in this respect. If No, then government should be held responsible for all the failures as nothing else would have made the parents to shift every duty to them apart from its policy. One would rightly say that if school fees are paid, parents would have woken up to their guiding role. But the fact that even those in private schools were observed to key into the addition deed makes the system’s sickness enigmatic.

What a decaying education system is ours?

Be that as it may, whether the society believes that government should extend its effort to the homes and force the students to attend schools, the fact remains that those now called Government had passed through the schools and will never return to vie for any certificate at that level. Therefore, it is out rightly wrong for the parents or even students to make governments effort synonymous to casting pearl before the swines. Parents should rise to their duty rather than allow their wards go wayward.