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By Bassey Solomon

Without any tinge of doubt, Mr. Nsima Ekere, Managing Director, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, could be said to be one undeserved beneficiary of the Buhari administration. He is an epitome of a square peg in a round hole “food is ready politician.”

He never labored, campaigned, supported or voted for either Buhari or the APC. Until he was appointed, he never openly declared support for Buhari administration let alone had APC membership card but cruised through the backdoor for the appointment as the head of the multi billion naira commission even ahead of the likes of Umana Umana who gave his all to ensure that APC, at least has a wobbling foundation in Akwa Ibom

Going back in time, Ekere was a governorship aspirant on the platform of the PDP and failed leader of the defunct G22 governorship aspirants that Governor Udom Emmanuel roundly defeated at the primaries to clinch the PDP ticket.

Though the strength and number of the group depleted after a futile forty days sojourn on the streets of Abuja to secure the nullification of Emmanuel’s ticket, Ekere, who by all known description expressed a naked hunger for power and intemperateness continued to hold on to the straw even as some members had thrown their weight behind Emmanuel

Pundits within the APC in Akwa Ibom are still harbouring resentment how Ekere who they see as usurper and stranger that never suffered for the party to become the greatest beneficiary of the largesse while those who suffered to give the APC a name in a PDP dominated state are starving and if fortunate reduced to picking the crumbs

Political observers opined that Ekere is today riding on the popularity of garnerd by Umana, Managing Director, Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority and APC gubernatorial candidate in the 2015 general election

Umana defected to APC in 2014 after seeing the writing on the wall that the zoning of the governorship seat to Eket Senatorial district did not favour his ambition to flying the PDP flag.

Pundits say the only contribution made by Ekere was his occasionally allowing supporters of Umana to use his campaign facility along Edet Akpan avenue, Uyo for meetings and solemn assemblies when Umana’s governorship petition was in court.


A chieftain of the party said ‘ Ekere may have been lucky to become MD of NDDC, using his relationship with Rotimi Amaechi but the extent to which the luck will take him, I don’t know because some of us are not fools. He thinks he can cajole everybody in the party with money.” The silent complaints about Ekere among the ranks in the APC are believed to have started few months after his appointment in 2016.

It was gathered that early last year, Ekere, ambitiously hijacked the party by allegedly bribing and inducing the immediate past state Exco of the party, led by the former Chairman, Dr. Amadu Attah to zone 2019 governorship to Eket senatorial district and restraining other senatorial districts from seeking nominations.

Such atrocious and desperate move did not go down well with some chieftains of the party. For instance Solomon Johnny, APC Chieftain wrote on his facebook wall, “I knew “APC”, Akwa Ibom State chapter, will commit this very serious blunder. I just read that the party had zoned her governorship ticket to Eket Senatorial District and by implication therefore, shall not want aspirants from any other senatorial District to vie for the ticket”. Continuing, he wrote “My immediate question to them is this:

Does APC constitution provide for or recognize zoning? If it does, why did the party set aside such provision and nominate Obong Umana Okon Umana ( from Uyo senatorial district) in 2015 as her gubernatorial candidate?

He has promised to address these points and that when he is done, “it would have been seen that those who sat to purportedly zone the governorship ticket of the party to Eket Senatorial District are not seeing beyond the wads of Naira notes and the contracts Obong Nsima Ekere has promised to give them if he gets the ticket of the party.”

According to him “The decision to zone the ticket to Eket is not well thought out. It is very shallow and will make APC a prey to the PDP in 2019. APC cannot sing the same tune with the PDP while she hopes to sack the same party in the next election”,


“Zoning is a PDP ideology unknown to the APC constitution and the rule cannot change mid- way possibly because some new intake into the party are jaundiced in their assessment of the founding members of the party, noting “I don’t think that Eket Senatorial District will dump Governor Udom Emmanuel who they already have on the seat, to chase after another candidate.”

Members of the party are also wary of Ekere’s deceptive antecedents and desperation to capture power at the slightest opportunity. Some who were closed to him during the tenure of the then governor Godswill Akpabio, lamented how Ekere as Chairman of AKIICORP used his relationship with the governor to blackmail his brother, then Deputy Governor, Engr. Patrick Ekpotu. Ekpotu is from Edemaya in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area.

Observers disclosed that Ekere through serial deceit and blackmail succeeded Ekpotu as the Deputy Governor at the 2011 general elections. Ekere on assumption of office then, it was gathered started moves to set up structure to take over from Akpabio in case the subterranean moves to impeach Akpabio met a stone wall.

It was gathered that in less than two years of becoming a Deputy Governor, Ekere’s official responsibilities suffered fatal blows as he engaged himself more on personal interest of taking over power in 2015.

Close watchers recalled the cold war of attrition between Umana Okon Umana, then SSG who was also seeking to succeed Akpabio and intolerant Ekere came to a head few days before Ekere resigned his position as the then deputy governor. In fact, when the news of Ekere’s resignation became public and a journalist called Ekpotu to air his opinion on the matter, Ekpotu could only retorted “ he shouldn’t have resigned, I thought he knew how to become a better Deputy and hung up the line.

It is perhaps owing to the consummate distrust that has enveloped Ekere’s personality that Johnny posited recently, “If Obong Nsima Ekere cannot honor a simple agreement to allow the 2014 exco at the ward and chapter levels of APC to continue, how shall he honor a more weighty agreement with Uyo Senatorial District not to run for a second term?”

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The party Chieftain further queried “If Obong Nsima Ekere is using known criminals and security aides, (sic) is in the know of how same security aides are running guns in the Niger Delta against the federal government, How are we sure he shall not return kidnapping, Armed robbery, politically motivated assassinations in Akwa Ibom State if elected as governor.”

Corroborating, another APC Chieftain and 2019 governorship hopeful, Senator John James Akpanudoedehe said recently on a radio programme monitored in Uyo, “Governor Udom Emmanuel is not killing people; those who killed people are now in APC.”

Speaking further he said “who is Nsima Ekere to become MD of NDDC? Did he even vote for President Buhari?

Continuing, Akpanudoedehe told his listerners “ Nsima Ekere is the enemy of Akwa Ibom, Akwa Ibom people, these are your enemies, people who opposed me yesterday, today they want to be Governor. How can I give my support to Nsima when my vision is to deliver Akwa Ibom from the people who destroyed it?” , adding “ they said Nsima Ekere has signed agreement to do four years as governor… a man who cannot keep a secret before you and among themselves cannot keep agreement.”

Admitting the belief that Akwa Ibom is dominantly a PDP state, the APC governorship hopeful maintained “APC can’t win elections in Akwa Ibom, we are just doing business.

The battle within the APC in Akwa Ibom is brewing, the fragile peace enjoyed during the congresses has been broken into pieces, two Chairmen are now heading the party, Nsima Ekere and Senator Akpanudoedehe are struggling to get the governorship ticket of the party, things are already falling apart and it is doubtful if the center will ever hold again.

Bassey Solomon, a public affairs analyst writes from Uyo



The masterclass which is open to all at the cost of N60,000 will start on Tuesday 4th and last till Friday 7th June, 2019 at De Angelo Hotel, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo – Akwa Ibom State. Registration can be done through: or through the number 08062842002.





“Leaders aren’t born, they are made; and they are made just like anything else, through hard work. That’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal.” – Vince Lombardi

There is no gain saying the fact that the world is currently coated with leadership challenges. This can be traced to the facts that many who are in various leadership positions today manipulated their way to become the leaders they claim to be. Truth is, gate-crashing into leadership positions is one thing, discharging the responsibility thereof is yet another thing.

Like Vince Lombardi posited, Leaders aren’t born, they are made. Therefore, assuming leadership positions without adequate preparations for leadership task has been the sole reason for the many leadership challenges we have in our society today, leading to avoidable leadership failure.

Many government and non-governmental organizations are growing backward because leaders who are in charge of these organizations failed to pay the price required for good and qualitative leadership. It can only take a leader who has paid the price required for leadership to understand what leadership is and how to lead. It is not enough that we all want to be successful and do well in life, until we make commitment and take the leap to pursue our dream; our wish will continue to remain imaginary. If we must overcome the many leadership challenge and achieve our desire leadership goals, then we must pay the same prices successful world leaders have paid, one which is empowering our leadership capacity – as opined by Lisa Cash Hanson that: “Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplish”. And if empowering our leadership capacity is the starting point for good leadership, then with Lead Impact University at our doorstep, it can be rightly said that the solution to our leadership problems is not far fetch.

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Until Archbishop Cletus Bassey’s Lead Impact University emerged as Leaders Moulding Machine, hope for raising better leaders were slim, especially in this part of the world, hence, raising sound and visionary leaders were somewhat difficult. For Cletus Bassey, solving leadership problems centres mainly on raising good leaders and developing their capacity and with his wealth of leadership prowess and experience which span over two decades, he has stamped his name on the catalogue of successful leaders.

A peep into his leadership background shows he has excellent leadership records covering both local and international sphere. Some of the leadership positions he has occupied include: Uyo Chapter Coordinator of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, President of Akwa Ibom Christian Assembly, Member of Boards of several churches, Proprietor of Lead Impact University, Colorado, United State of America, and General Overseer of Destiny International Mission among others.

With Cletus Bassey’s leadership credentials, one cannot help than accept that he has the capacity to raise and nurture leaders that can make a mark in leadership – just like him. “Leaders in the mould of Cletus Bassey instil in their people a hope for success and a believe in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.” This is what Cletus Bassey stands for.

Armed with John Maxwell postulation that “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development and that there is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raise them as leaders and continually developed them”, Archbishop Cletus Bassey has created a way out of leadership challenge by initiating an exclusive leadership masterclass organized by the Lead Impact University, Colorado, USA.

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The masterclass is to help those in leadership position and others aspiring to be great leaders to discover the element of holistic leadership to create transformation in all Areas of their life. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Leaders and learning are indispensable to each other,” therefore, the masterclass provides opportunity for leaders to learn and be equipped with the methodology of tackling the many leadership challenges facing our governments, churches, organizations and even families.

If nations and organizations are desirous of not failing and falling as a result of incompetent leadership, then grooming Leaders with transformative attitude, giving them globally competitive advantage and making them enigma of positive change is the price they must pay to achieve that goal – and same is the mission and vision of Bishop Cletus Bassey’s Lead Impact University. “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” – Andrew Carnegie

Since leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others according to Mwai Kibaki, Archbishop Cletus Bassey through Lead Impact University is offering an opportunity for leaders and intended leaders including those who gatecrash into leadership positions to sharpen their leadership skills and better their lives. The opportunity which is enveloped in the three days exclusive masterclass is the first of its kind in this part of the world and is aimed at changing the narrative of leadership in different sectors of our society including churches, organizations, Local Government Councils, State and Federal Governments, family and communities.


At the end of the masterclass, participants will, apart from acquiring global leadership experience, go home with examination based certificate on leadership course from Lead Impact University valued at 3 hours credit load.

The masterclass which is open to all at the cost of N60,000 will start on Tuesday 4th and last till Friday 7th June, 2019 at De Angelo Hotel, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo – Akwa Ibom State. Registration can be done through: or through the number 08062842002.

Lead Impact University is a Christian university made to influencing the next generation of leaders to impact the global community with the Christ. The school is at the forefront of pioneering change in the leadership of this generation and future generations to come. Lead Impact University is not just raising leaders, but the kind of leaders that will make an everlasting impact on the world and the kingdom of God.


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Do you know that over 40 percent of children born by married women are gotten from men who are not their real husbands? Do you know that married women of nowadays are too promiscuous, loose, and shamelessly addicted to sex? Sincerely speaking, a majority of married women are engaging in extra-marital relationships with pride and impunity. The question is: Why?






Do you know that over 40 percent of children born by married women are gotten from men who are not their real husbands? Do you know that married women of nowadays are too promiscuous, loose, and shamelessly addicted to sex? Sincerely speaking, a majority of married women are engaging in extra-marital relationships with pride and impunity. The question is: Why?

Findings show that some married women are greedy and mundane. Some are sexually unsatisfied, hence their resorting to sleeping with men indiscriminately. The most annoying aspect of this is that some of them are even sponsoring their extramarital partners from the money they get from their legitimate husbands. Some of them even sit in the presence of their husbands to send recharge cards to their illegitimate lovers.

I am very bitter, and that is why I am writing down this bitter and unarguable truth. Many women of today have disgraced their husbands with impunity. They don’t mind sleeping around with men in the neighborhood; they don’t mind paying a fortune to their illegitimate partners; they don’t mind abandoning their homes, so far as they get what they want.

Some of them even befriend (or should I say ‘be-sex’) married men. They don’t mind destroying others homes or destroying theirs, with their waywardness. I know one who took her boyfriend’s children to her home for a holiday, and lied to her husband that they are her godchildren. The husband, as innocent as he was, and being a generous person, accommodated the children, and even shopped for them at the end of their stay. With the trickery, the husband never suspected anything whenever the biological father of the children would come around, because his wife had lied about the relationship that existed between her and the man (god-husband and god-wife, perhaps).

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I pity husbands who work offshore. I pity husbands whose wives travel far to buy wares for sales. Some even spend weeks in Dubai, Kano, Lagos, etc. Some lie that they have travelled out, when infact, they are actually within proximity of their husbands and families, but with other men. I know of a female lecturer in one of the higher institutions in Nigeria, who gives out her body to her male students.

Some married women be-sex their drivers, house-helps, servants, gardeners, gate-keepers, etc. What a world! Bankers, (especially the ‘executive harlots’ called ‘marketers’, seem to be the most promiscuous. They openly solicit and fall cheaply for their male customers. Though I have mentioned this before, let me emphasize here that housewives who call themselves traders, (especially those who spend nights on the road), are even worse. They often befriend their drivers, or anyone else, and have ready excuses for their husbands. Some pretend to go to Church, while in the actual sense, they are on a mission to sleep with their lovers.

Some even ‘be-sex’ Pastors, and other top members of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Those who call themselves ‘politicians’ are devils. Their buttocks are their political weapons or political credentials. This set of women sees and uses their buttocks as political weapons to scheme out rivals, and bring political giants to their knees; in utter disregard for their husbands, their matrimonial vows and their homes. It annoys me most to see wives of the rich, including wives of Commissioners, Pastors, Heads of Parastatals, Heads of Institutions, etc, engaging in dirty and illicit affairs. A friend of mine (name withheld) is currently dating the wife of a Local Government Chairman. It is not that the Local Government Chairman in question is old. He is equally a young man; but why his wife goes about doing what she is doing, is what I cannot understand.


Housewives who are financially buoyant; and who have successful businesses, or head government institutions shock me the most. Do you know that they buy cars, build houses, and even shop lavishly for their usually younger illegal sex partners?

I went to interview a woman the other day in the Federal Secretariat along Abak Road in Uyo; and she tried to seduce me. The way she carried her face, her gestures, her unnecessary smiles, etc. At the end of the day, she asked if I wouldn’t mind paying her regular visits in the office and at home so that she could “relate any available information to me”. My colleague Nsikak Etuk (and GLOBAL CONCORD’S Features Editor), had a similar, yet more direct encounter. He had been invited for the first time by a married woman and senior government functionary to her office in the State Secretariat. She had been reading his columns and corresponding with him, building in him the trust that she was truly progressive, but inspite of never seeing him physically, she developed an unhealthy interest in him. When she saw him for the first time in her office, her self-composure gave way, as she attempted to seduce him forcefully. It took Nsikak’s moral strength to rebuff her and invent a reason to discontinue with the interview. After his escape, he distanced himself from her by ignoring her calls and text messages. Most married women are indeed a shame to their husbands!

I have come to realize that one of the reasons which drive many women into extramarital affairs is the fact that most men do not have time for their wives; and think that giving them money and whatever they want is the only thing they can do for them. I have also come to realize that many men befriend their businesses and offices, to the detriment of their houses and wives. Some of them are equally guilty of promiscuity as they chase all manner of women. Many women also hold the view that their men cheat on them and so they have a right to also cheat on such men in revenge. That is nonsense! I am not in any way encouraging adultery or sexual promiscuity of any kind, but then the truth is that our society frowns more at promiscuous, loose, and wayward women, than it does men of similar traits. For instance, if a young man befriends all the young girls in the neighborhood, everybody (including the women), will hail him as a strong man (whatever that means); but if a young girl or woman is seen or suspected to befriend more than one boy or man (even if they are not resident within the neighborhood), she will be scorned, despised and christened a ‘prostitute’. So it would be laughable, for any woman to stupidly and shamelessly try to argue revenge or any other reason as a defense for her waywardness.


Our society approves of polygamy and disapproves of polyandry (a situation where a woman marries more than one husband). It could even be said that our society does not recognize the latter. I am therefore of the very strong opinion that Ekpo-Nka-Owo should be reintroduced into our matrimonial homes, because too many women of this day and age have become a disgrace to their husbands, children, families, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and society in general.

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Toyo Jimmy, Esquire

Angered by monumental corruption, incompetence, insecurity, impunity, cabalism, and the crass arrogance of the then ruling party (PDP), Nigerians yearned for change. Compelled by this yearning, they sought for a different pilot in 2015. In our estimation, the pilot needed to be someone who is firm, credible, incorruptible, competent, and with a good grasp of governance. ‘Candidate’ Buhari fitted perfectly into this mould. Tales of Buhari’s integrity and no-nonsense demeanour were highly seductive to sedate our memory against his ‘misdeeds’ as a military ruler. Groan with patriotism and exigency of saving Nigeria from being run aground, most Nigerians were ready to abandon, and indeed abandoned, their traditional, ethnic and religious ties to root for Buhari. In the end, Buhari won. The air was filled with joy and some sense of fulfilment. A strong statement was made that, power belongs to the people and that change is inevitable.

At his swearing-in, President Buhari famously and tastily declared that he belonged to nobody. The media were awash with such bold statement. There was a great feeling of satisfaction among Nigerians – our hopes were alive that we have snatched power from the establishment and given to the masses. ‘We now have a nation where considerations for appointments and employment will not be based on ethnic, religious or political lines,’ retorted some.

More than three years down the line, our hopes have been dashed. President Buhari appears not to be the beautiful bride we all celebrated. The iniquities that the past administration was accused of have been committed by the present administration and even more.

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Insecurity is still pervasive in the North East. The promise to decapitate Boko Haram has not been fulfilled. Some weeks ago, the Governor of Borno State while on a visit to President Buhari helplessly broke down in tears as he narrated the ordeal of his citizens in the hands of Boko Haram.

Corruption, which forms the main policy plank of this administration, is fought selectively and dishonestly. Corruption is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (9th ed.) as dishonest or illegal behaviour especial of people in authority. Many instances of dishonest behaviour of the President Buhari abounds, but a few will suffice. It amounts to dishonest behaviour by the President Buhari for a minister who allegedly served the country without having her NYSC certificate is escorted out of the country and not made to face the law. It is dishonesty when President Buhari turned a blind eye to collection of bribe by a governor in his party and even went ahead to defend the governor, while other governors still under immunity are investigated and their state government accounts froze by the EFCC.

Impunity is the order of the day under President Buhari’s administration and court orders are flouted at every turn. It is unconscionable that Dazuki and El Zakzaky are detained for over two years even in the face orders of court granting them bail. President Buhari acts based on his whims and caprices, the very attitude legal scholars feared when they decided to propound certain theories – rule of law, separation of power, checks and balances – which have now been adopted as being part and parcel of democracy. The President has suspended the Chief Justice of Nigeria in the most brazen manner without recourse to the law. President Buhari has exhibited behaviour characteristic of a despot.

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President Buhari has displayed the highest level of incompetence. The President does not understand questions asked and cannot give rationale answers to them. At law, the President would have been called an ‘incompetent witness.’ The President has committed faux pas and blunders of unpardonable proportion.

Cabals have taken over President Buhari’s administration. Many plots have been hatched without President Buhari knowing about them. The National Assembly was laid siege by the State Security Service (SSS) without the knowledge of the presidency. The incident totally embarrassed the government which led to the sack of the then Director General of the SSS. It is alleged that the presidency did not know of the proposed arraignment of the Chief Justice of Nigeria before the Code of Conduct Tribunal until few hours to the arraignment.

President Buhari’s party – the All Progressives Party (APC) – has acted with crass arrogance exhibited by the repented PDP. This arrogance reached its nadir when the Chairman of the Party declared to the whole world that the sins committed by politicians are wash away when they join the ruling party.

Moving forward, Nigeria deserves better. A nation so blessed with human resources deserves to be competently represented. With hindsight, this is not the change we bargained for. To be clear, the problems enumerated above existed before President Buhari took charge of government, but Nigerians expected that things would be done differently with Buhari being in charge. Under President Buhari, our situation has become worse and the change seems meaningless. To worsen things, the economy has degenerated and there is high rate of unemployment in the land.


In the forthcoming election, our options seem limited. We have Moghalu, a young and vibrant Nigerian, capable of turning things around. But does he have the necessary political base to win election in Nigeria? Pragmatically, the answer is in the negative. Even in the most civilised clime, it will still be difficult for Moghalu to win a national election given his lack of base. What option do we then have? Atiku seems to be the only expedient option. He is not without baggage, but he appears to be the lesser of two evils. Though he has been accused of corruption, it is over five years since he left office and no charge has been brought against him. And he has a formidable base that sustain his ride to power.

President Buhari needs to be voted out if Nigeria is not to be plunged into abyss by Buhari and this men. The change we voted for has now become a chain that has tied our hands and feet. We must cut it free and embrace a new era. The options may be limited, but we have a choice.

Toyo Jimmy is a legal practitioner and an advocate of good governance, rule of law and civil liberties.

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