Home Opinion Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs

Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs


Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs

Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs

By Paul Sylvester

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, and Chairman, CEO, Apple said sometime ago that “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This iconic phrase runs through my mind whenever I see Mr. Uwah push so hard to encourage young entrepreneurs who are already out to replace the big brands we all know today.

For him, the need to have young minds break free from the age long but unprofitable shadows of depending and literally begging for peanuts is a task that must be accomplished by all well meaning youths and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Uwah, who has successfully upped the ante of entrepreneurship in the state has continued to acquit himself creditably in the business world hereby leaving many in awe and wonder. He keeps breaking new grounds and exploring diverse fields with undying passion.

Today, one cannot draw a list of entrepreneurs with class in the state without the name of this doyen of entrepreneurship having a good mention. There’s little doubt that his name, needless to say, will come first on the log owing to his unparalleled creativity and dexterity which he has brought to bear in the business sphere.

Today, as Special Assistant to the governor on Marketing and Brand Management, Mr. Ime Uwah has aligned himself with the ideals of the Dakkada mantra of the current administration. He has contributed in no small way to raising the profile of youths and the Dakkada philosophy through ensuring and overseeing the setting up of 31 Dakkada cooperative societies, directly done through his office as SA to the governor.

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He has also lent support to small rural businesses especially in agro related areas and the success stories are already flying everywhere.

Over the years, Ime Uwah has demonstrated consistency, focus and a burning desire to change the
narrative of entrepreneurship in this part of the world. When Eni Stores birthed, not a few people were amazed that a son of the soil could venture into such adventure with such quantum of ingenuity which to date, has continued to blossom regardless of the dynamics of the times.

He is driven by the philosophy of “live and let’s live”. He wants to see others succeed in their chosen fields. He wants to see youths rise from little beginnings to celebrated entrepreneurs overseeing chains of businesses and brands. He believes that when youths are gainfully engaged, crime rate and other social vices will be reduced to the barest minimum in the society. Little wonder then that he doesn’t miss any opportunity to assist and encourage young entrepreneurs find their feet as much as he can.

Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs

During his 40th birthday celebration, Sifon Psimfoni Oscar the CEO of Siffon Bespoke surprised Mr. Uwah with pairs of sandals. Few minutes after Sifon left, Mr Uwah whispered to a friend who sat beside him that siffon needs to be encouraged. It’s certain that this was inspired on account of the excellent touch he has brought to his brand.

Recently, Siffon officially opened his Store and the “Rainmaker’ stormed the venue in company of his friends. You can guess the outcome of that visit. This, to say the lest, was a mark of encouragement and exhibition of love to a brother


Ime Uwah’s desire to see young entrepreneurs fly is incontestable. His involvement in promoting Blessing Emah of Food Hack attests to his love for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Recently, a young man stopped by his office to thank him for the encouragement and advice Mr. Uwah blessed him with. While seeing the man off, the last line he shared with the visitor was: “Imoh, strive to stand up tall in many good areas for the good of our state and country.” This advice, for me, was not only thought-provoking but it further gave credence to the widely held opinion that Mr. Uwah is blessed not just for himself but he’s equally a blessing to many.

The recent 6-year anniversary celebration of Eni Stores which attracted the cream of the society has continued to reverberate across the state with budding entrepreneurs internalising the lessons and import of that epoch making occasion.

That event, it is worth emphasising, was a great demonstration of consistency and doggedness regardless of the telling challenges that confront businesses all over the world especially in Nigeria.

Going forward, it is safe to say that in Ime Uwah, Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Marketing and Brand Management, Akwa Ibom State is blessed with a virtuoso, visionary and a gifted gem brimming with vigour and the rare desire to raise and nurture young entrepreneurs to reach the peak of their careers.

Ime Uwah and his undiluted love for young entrepreneurs

For young entrepreneurs, here is the man on whose shoulders you can stand to raise your brand to a standard that will compete with the best of the best globally. He’s accessible and willing to offer useful tips that will take your brand to another level.


Don’t sit on the fence anymore. Rise from that place of hesitation and jump on the bandwagon of young minds making waves in the business firmament.

Mkparawa nnyin, edakka eda!


  1. Imeh congratulations. Keep it up. I will need u assistance for my children’s projects and since I just returned from Abuja on retirement assessable and affordable rural medical services. 08033062191


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