Home News Eket State Constituency: Zoning,Streamlining,Hon. David Lawrence deserves a second term

Eket State Constituency: Zoning,Streamlining,Hon. David Lawrence deserves a second term


Eket State Constituency: Zoning,Streamlining,Hon. David Lawrence deserves a second term

As preparation, consultations are gathering momentum for the 2019 elections,the political atmosphere in Eket Local government appears set for another round of political participations by the stakeholders,market men and women to engage in electoral activity to bring about a legislative capacity,effectiveness and sustainability,for the benefit of the people of Eket State Constituency.

Obong Paul Ekpo, the state chairman of the peoples Democratic party in state,during the just concluded Federal constituency tour by the party,reiterated the party’s commitment towards ensuring that the party will ensure transparency in the conduct of the primaries of the party,where candidates of the party will emerge and stand for the general election. He emphasised that delegates should not vote for any candidate that they know,will not win in the general election, because politics is a game of numbers.

The issue regarding Zoning of political offices within the party was not left out,but in every general rule,there is an exception. Zoning as a gentleman agreement to share political offices among the people has been practiced in the state,though with some exception,especially when legislative capacity and effective representation is involve,while talking power ration,the party chairman also took time to consider what is called Streamlining, the concept of reshaping the zoning of the political offices as 2019 is approaching,so that effective representation ,legislative experience will not be sacrifice on the alter of zoning.

Talking about zoning, the concept of zoning has never stopped other aspirants who some people feel are not favoured by zoning from contesting election. In Eket local government Area for instance, It could be recalled that in 2011, the political leader Chief Ndueso Essien conducted a mock election at his residence for those that aspired for the house of Assembly position,all the aspirants participated. Those who were not favoured by zoining were not questioned about their eligibility to seek for a election on the grounds of zoning.


For the Eket State Constituency election for 2019, Some stakeholders are of the opinion that the Urban zone of the local government can not be empty in 2019,because positions are always shared among the three zones of the local government. Currently,the Chairman of the local government Hon. Frank Archibong is from Eket Central, Hon. Nsikan John the Vice Chairman is from Okon,while the member representing the state constituency in the Akwa Ibom State house of Assembly, is from Urban.

It is on record that when Chief Edohoeket in 1999 was the chairman of Eket local government, the Vice Chairman came from Eket central,while Okon took the Assembly, where late Hon. Moses Ukpong represented the area.The next person who took over from Chief Edohoeket as the chairman of Eket local government, was Hon. Emmanuel Udoh from Okon,Hon. David Lawrence from Urban was the Vice Chairman, while Rt. Hon. Jack Udota from Central had the Assembly seat. Another instance,was when Hon. Ayang Akanimo represented the local government at the state house of Assembly from Urban,Hon. Aniekan Akpan from Okon was the chairman of the local government, while Hon. Victor Henry from Central was the Vice Chairman.

It could be recalled that few months ago,when Eket PDP stakeholders met with the Governor Udom Emmanuel as the leader of the party,to express their concerns on the matter regarding Eket State Constituency seat in the coming election, were those in attendance at the meeting ,included Chief Ndueso Essien, Ambassador Assam Assam and others. The Governor said,that from the interaction from the stakeholders,it was clear that there exist two school of thought to the matter.

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One which says that the Seat for the State house of Assembly should be occupied in 2019 by somebody from Okon clan, according to zoning,while others maintain that ,all the zones in Eket State Constituency have so far taken their turn to represent the people, hence,the zoning can start all over by allowing the current member representing the State constituency, from Urban,Hon. David Lawrence to seek re- election to return to the House of Assembly, to complete some of the massive ongoing projects in the area,like the market,superhighway, and very many other constituency projects,which the Constituency has never witnessed prior to his emergence.

Rt. Hon. David Lawrence, the member representing Eket State Constituency, a former Vice Chairman of Eket local government, is one man that has change the legislative narrative of representation in the area, who has effective represented the people, attracts the attention of the government, investors to the local government,hence,deserves a second term to consolidate on his performance to the people.

It is a fact that Rt. Hon. David Lawrence ( DLAW), is interested in the peoples Democratic party’s ticket to return to the State house of Assembly for a second term in office come 2019. His aspiration has brought joy to so many people in his state constituency, because of the reboust representation that he is offering to the people, and his legislatives functions as a lawmaker.

As a lawmaker,Rt. Hon. David Lawrence as effectively represented the people, and deserves to return for a second term. He initiated the Ultra Modern Market project in Eket,which CICASA west Africa company Ltd is in charge of the remodeling, to replace the old Urua Nka,with the aim of creating jobs for the people, estimated at 9billiom naira with a total capacity of 5,000 shops.

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His Constituency briefing which was the first of his kind ,witnessed his constituents smiling home with 28 Motor cars,35 Freezers, 4 hair dryers, 31 Television set,35 Generators ,11 Motorcycles, 14 Sewing Machines,as a way of giving back to the people.

The renovation of Administrative Block, Government secondary school,Afaha Eket, construction of Ultra modern ICT centre at Idua, provision of 150 writing desks and chairs to the pupils, payment of monthly stipends ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 to my constituents from 2015 till date,floating of 100,000 grants each 25 women for small scale trading, award of scholarship to 12 undergraduate students of Eket in some specific disciplines effective 2018/2019 session.

Fixing up the erosion menace at AME Zion primary school, Usung Inyang Eket ,construction of shades at the Timber market at Ikot Uso Ekong,training of youths on pipe fitting and welding, fashion and design, recommendation of over twenty of Eket constituents for NCE employment in SUBEB, five recommended for oil and gas servicing company in Baker Hughes Nigeria limited Lagos.

As a part of his legislative duties, his bill” A bill for a law to establish Akwa Ibom State Signage and Advertisements Control Agency”,was passed into law by the house of Assembly. Indeed he deserves a second term.


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