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Akwa Ibom Youth speaks on APC plans ahead of election



Akwa Ibom Youth speaks on APC plans ahead of election

Akwa Ibom Youth speaks on APC plans ahead of election

Comrade Aniefiok Iwaudofia addressing newsmen today

The Youth of Akwa Ibom State under the aegis of Akwa Ibom State Youth Caucus have fingered the All Progressives Congress (APC) for plotting to instigate mayhem and anarchy in the state.

Youth Caucus comprises of the State Youth Council, Dakkaka Ambassadors, Village Youths, Female Youths, Christian Youths among others.

The youth who made the allegation today, Friday, during a press conference at the NUJ Secretariat, Uyo noted that the plot they have discovered from the APC leadership is geared towards causing a situation where a Sole Administrator will be appointed so as to help manipulate the 2019 elections in favour of opposition APC in the State.

The Caucus leader Comrade Aniefiok Iwaudofia explained that it is a common knowledge the boast by the leadership and members of the All Progressives Congress that elections may likely not hold in Akwa Ibom simultaneously with other states.

He pointed out that such boast reveals plan to instigate political crises and civil unrest to a point INEC will be forced to postpone elections in Akwa Ibom State for security reasons to a later date with a view to deploying all security agencies in Nigeria to Akwa Ibom State.

But they vowed not to fold their arms and watch APC manipulate the 2019 elections in their favour nor cause disunity in the State.

They pledged to do everything within the ambit of the law to defend the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel which, they said has brought peace that has never been witnessed in the State.

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They added ” Their plans are to rig the elections like they did in Ekiti state since they have federal might ( Police force, DSS, Army & Civil Defence in their pockets.) This is so because, they have boosted that INEC is in their pockets and that they will change all the INEC staff in Akwa Ibom State and bring in those that will help them rig the 2019 elections.”

The Youth Caucus explained that the APC is planning to use federal might and its agencies like the EFCC and ICPC to arrest, intimidate & harass PDP members in a bid to rig the 2019 election in favour of APC since they are not on ground.

The Youth Caucus called on international agencies such as ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, United Nations, United States, United Kingdom to be watchful of he the plans by the APC in the State which they described as evil.

They urged Akwa Ibom youth not to allow themselves to be used for political thuggery and destabilization of the existing peace in the state, warning that the APC should not take the peaceful disposition of Governor Emmanuel and that of the PDP for granted.

While calling on Akwa Ibom youths to remain law abiding, they urged them to remain steadfast in their support for the Udom Emmanuel led administration.

They called on all security agencies in the state not to act or be seen as an extension of APC, maintaining that the state security agencies should remain apolitical and exhibit high degree of professionalism.


The youth expressed readiness to resist any attempt by the “so called Federal Might, Police, DSS, Army, Civil Defence & other security agencies to manipulate the 2019 elections with our last blood.”

The youths pledged their unalloyed support to the reelection of Governor Emmanuel, stressing that
they will cast their votes massively for him.

They said the are ready to protect and defend the votes at all the polling units, follow it up to respective collation centres and also make sure the votes of the people are rightly counted, collated and announced by INEC.

The Youth Caucus added ” lastly, we wish to strongly State that the gentility of the lion does not connotes cowardice and as such, the APC should not take our peaceful disposition for granted.”

By Ekemini Simon


Akpabio sent Assassins to kill me, Akwa Ibom Speaker Onofiok Luke insist




Akpabio sent Assassins to kill me, Akwa Ibom Speaker Onofiok Luke insist.
…. Akpabio reacts

Akpabio sent Assassins to kill me, Akwa Ibom Speaker Onofiok Luke insist.

Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke addressing the protesting women

Akwa Ibom State Speaker, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke while addressing women of the state yesterday who where protesting the one sided action of the state police Commissioner alleged that Senator Godswill Akpabio sent some persons to assassinate him.

“Senator Akpabio sent some persons to assassinate me yesterday, so if anything happens to me hold him responsible”.

But in a swift response, Senator Godswill Akpabio reacted through his media assistant Anietie Ekong, saying Senator Akpabio has no interest in the killing Onofiok Luke or any other Akwa Ibom person.

“For the avoidance of doubt we wish to state categorically that Senator Akpabio has not sent anyone to assassinate Hon Luke. He has no reason nor motivation to do so. The Senator will never subscribe to any plot to eliminate any Akwa Ibom son or any human being for that matter, let alone Onofiok Luke who had served him as his Personal Assistant while he was the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.” part of the statement reads.

But the Hon. Kufre Okon, Chief Press Secretary to Rt. Onofiok Luke in a statement title” There is no hiding place for Senator Godswill Akpabio ” knocks the former Governor.

Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke and Senator Godswill Akpabio

We have read Anietie Ekong’s futile attempt at disentangling Senator Godswill Akpabio from the net and web of his evil conspiracy against the person of Rt. Hon (Barr) Onofiok Luke and the Office of the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly. Just like in real life, the more Senator Akpabio tries to disentangle himself, the more the net of his ungodly plans draws him in. His penchant for playing ostrich is common knowledge, but like the ostrich, he is the only one who doesn’t know that the world has a gracious view of his backside.


By this press statement where Sen. Godswill Akpabio refuses to address the Right Honourable Speaker by his office, rather addressing him as the member representing Nsit Ubium state constituency, he has clearly shown the world that his hands are actively in the plot to destabilize the state assembly. But this hatred for Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke as Speaker is neither new nor strange, after all in June 2015, the same Akpabio did everything within and in fact beyond his powers, to stop the emergence of Rt. Hon. Luke as Speaker. He took away the clerk of the House, seized the mace, intimidated honourable members and stalled the process of proclaiming the assembly on time. Akpabio may have in his usual style chosen to suffer selective amnesia, but Akwa Ibom people and PDP faithful remember the near Golgotha experience that Rt. Hon Luke passed through to get the ticket of the PDP for a second term. Akpabio it was who funded the opposition that the speaker faced during his re-election bid and even wrote off Nsit Ubium during the elections refusing to offer any financial support for the elections as the party leader then. He even stopped the party’s financial assistance to Nsit Ubium.

As history bears testimony, God has always been on the side of Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke. He won the nomination against Akpabio’s schemes, still emerged as the Speaker against his devious plans and has remained till date the speaker of the State Assembly and by the grace of God Almighty will remain so till the end of this legislative tenure, whether Akpabio likes it or not . What the former Governor hasn’t told his aides is the reason for his annoyance with the Speaker. The latter has simply opposed the inordinate ambition of the former of claiming to be the Tinubu of Akwa Ibom state, and being the alpha and omega of the state.

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May we reiterate that the Honourable Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke stands by his earlier statement on the sponsored assassination attempt on him by Senator Akpabio and at the appropriate time, will take necessary actions. The world should know that if anything untoward happens to the Speaker, Senator Akpabio and his wife should be held responsible.

We deeply sympathize with the plenty refusals Anietie Ekong and co have had to issue due to the meddlesome nature of their principal. As much as we empathize with them, we are aware that the earn their keep there.

As the days pass by, we are certain that opportunities will avail itself for us to illuminate some dark sides to the main reasons fueling the current political war in our state.
Anietie it may interest you to know that Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke knows Sen. Akpabio very well and Sen. Akpabio equally knows Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke well.

Kufre Okon
Press Secretary to the Honourable Speaker
Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly

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Two suspects are currently singing in police custody,  after being arrested in possession of a stolen car presented to them by the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Akwa Ibom State.

Our reporter gathered that the suspected stolen SUV, a 2010 Honda CRV,  which was branded with campaign posters of the governorship candidate, Mr. Nsima Ekere,  was a product of a deadly serial robbery operation that cost the lives of many including that of the owner in far away Oyo State.


Stolen car

The car was allegedly presented to the suspects by the APC house of Representatives flagbearer for Ikono/Ini Federal constituency, Barr Edidiong Idiong.  Preliminary information available from the Oyo state Anti Robbery Squad reveals that the owner of the vehicle was among those murdered in an armed robbery attack at Oyo state.

The vehicle was subsequently brought and presented to Mr Etop Akpan Ezekiel, nicknamed ‘Black’ from Ikpe Ward 2 in Ini local government area by the APC stalwarts as a bait to lure him into their party.  Revelations from men of the police force contained that on the day of this occurrence, 3 robbery attacks were recorded within the vicinity where all the 3 owners of the vehicles were gunned down, while the robbers took off with their vehicles.

The leader of the police crack team that invaded Akwa Ibom state in search of the stolen vehicles disclosed that the hunt for the other two vehicles are still on, “now that we’ve been able to track this very one and have gotten it, we will now channel our energies and commit our resources into finding the other remaining two vehicles, and believe you me, all the culprits will be caught and brought to book,” he said.

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Investigations so far reveals that some personal effects of the deceased lady  who was the original owner of the vehicle like ID card, complimentary cards e.t.c are still in the car and so far, Oyo state Police Command in conjunction with the Police authorities in Ikot Ekpene, have taken custody of the vehicle.


It is undoubtedly and legally known that Macaire resort provides hospitality services where a lot of people can access with ease.  Mr Etop Akpan Ezekiel (Black) had on the morning of 23rd November, driven the said car that was given to him by the APC to a popular hospitality resort on Ikot Ekpene, for relaxation when the crack team incidentally arrived Akwa Ibom state on intelligence.

They traced the car to that resort and black sensing unusual moves and questions about the car absconded with the help of a certain Oscar his friend aiding him to flee the premises.  As the police then lay siege on the building mounting surveillance on the car.   The siege lasted till the next day being  Saturday as the police kept vigil on the car which carried campaign stickers of Mr Nsima Ekere as well as  APC insignia.

As envisaged, one Mr Isreal Ufia, who was contracted by Mr Black to come and ferry home the car was apprehended by the police.  Meanwhile, Black who oned at the primary school Uruk Uso in wait for Mr Israel, kept on calling Israel on phone to know if he had succeeded in driving the car out from the resort.  Black however sensed trouble following Israel’s the tenor of response and escaped leaving Israel’s Camry car with a girl who was with them.  So far, two suspects have been arrested including the wife of an APC youth leader who is also an officer of the Nigerian police force.

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Akpabio’s Defection, Freedom for A’Ibom Development Funds- Dr Okonnah




Akpabio’s Defection, Freedom for A’Ibom Development Funds- Dr Okonna

By Nsisong Okon, Uyo

A public affairs analyst, Dr Ekemini Okonnah says the defection of Senator Goodwill Akpabio from the PDP to the APC, has made more money available for the Akwa Ibom state government to develop the state and provide basic dividends of the democracy to the people.
Drawing inferences from recent developments, he posited that funds hitherto collected monthly by the former Governor and other undue influence have been arrested.

Dr Okonnah who was reacting to the donation of brand new utility vehicles by Governor Udom Emmanuel to Local Government Chairmen and Paramount Rulers in the state said, this may not have been possible if Akpabio was still in the PDP because these were funds he probably used to collect monthly to the detriment of the state and its citizens.

“No matter the propaganda by the APC, the truth remains that with Akpabio’s exit, the Governor now has more funds to tackle issues that affects the people.

“Today, more retirement benefits are paid. Most of it dates back to the Akpabio era where we had oil boom yet these entitlements were not paid to our senior citizens who put in a greater part of their productive life in the service of the state”.

He explained that when Akwa Ibom people see some fake critics of the Governor who will rather not see anything good at efforts made by the state government at developing the state, the people must first understand where they are coming from as having drank from Akpabio’s ‘poisoned chalice’, the people should not expect some critics to see clearly as rational people ought to do.

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“One thing is clear, Akwa Ibom will continue to witness development and dividends of democracy courtesy of the Governor because these were monies that before now went to Akpabio on a monthly basis. Today our Local Government Chairmen have brand new SUV’s and same applies to our Paramount Rulers. These were monies Akpabio was collecting monthly from the state coffers but will not shameless admit. I have been told that he got billions of naira monthly in contracts which he never executed, yet today he says he is a “nationalist” in APC. Unfortunately, most critics lacks shame, honour, a sense of history and integrity to criticise the Governor”, he said.

He said, with Akpabio out of the way, Governor Emmanuel will not relent in his avowed commitment to industrialise the state and impact positively on the lives of the people whose mandate he holds in trust. He called on Akwa Ibom people to remain steadfast and resolute and continue to support the Governor against his opponents whom he described as political contractors who are out to play god with the destiny of Akwa Ibom people.

Hear him, “Akwa Ibom people know who is sincere and who is a gambler. They know who to support come 2019.

“Did someone not promise us 31 industries, Ibaka Deep Sea Port, Tropicana and lots more and looted our common wealth without fulfilling any of his promise?

“Governor Emmanuel on the other hand is a man who has kept his promise on industrialisation, on empowerment, on peace and security, on job creation, and many more and the people will support him come 2019 no matter the level of propaganda, threats and intimidation from people who once held power but used it for themselves and their families alone”.


“Akpabio’s greed undermined the state because he stole more than he even needed and today, he cant access most of the stolen funds he stashed away so of what use was all these thieving of our common purse? When I see hypocrites deride the Governor and praise Akpabio, you see a man who has sold both his conscience and sense of reasoning for a plate of soup.

“If there is one man who raped and abused our treasury, Akpabio is that man. The Governor can not and will never be flamboyantly frivolous with public finds to the detriment of the state but will rather utilise it for the greater good of the people”, he said.

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