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Akwa Ibom Governor reacts to several burning issues (Interview with Vanguard)



Only PDP governors are commissioning projects -gov Udom Emmanuel”

Following his third anniversary, Governor Udom Emmanuel in two separate interactive sessions with newsmen in Uyo and Lagos spoke on the strides of his administration and on issues of national importance. Excerpts

By Chioma Onuegbu

How would you assess your administration in the past three years that you have been in office as the governor of Akwa Ibom?

So far, I can say that we have done well. I will give myself an ‘A’ if I were to rate myself as we have done very, very well as an opposition political party leading a state that has no Federal Government presence; not even a kilometre of road has been constructed by the Federal government in the state.

As the largest oil-producing state, there is not even a depot owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in Akwa Ibom State. The corporation doesn’t even have a kiosk as an office in the state and you can’t point to anything to show that the Federal Government has interest in Akwa Ibom, which is an oil-producing state.

How do you react to allegations that South-South governors have not done enough to justify the huge revenue inflow they get?

I am hearing that for the first time because a lot of people do ask: Where do you guys get the money to do all your projects? As at today, it is only governors of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, who are commissioning projects.

You should look at what we get in Naira value and the rate of inflation. When we had a similar oil price some years ago at the exchange rate prevalent at that point in time, how much were these states given and how much are we getting today at the current level of inflation and exchange rate?

At that time, how much was a bag of cement and how much is it today? These are facts. So crosscheck them and compare it to what we have put on ground.

How feasible are ongoing talks by opposition parties aimed at unseating the APC-led Federal Government?

Most of the things going on now are human tactical approaches to what people think can give them result, but at the end of the day, what matters most is result. Everyone is hoping to carry the day in 2019, so any tactical approach, which you think will give you the result, is what you are going to employ.

And let me say something; no two elections have ever been the same and will never be. So, the 2019 elections will be completely different from that of 2015. So, if somebody thinks that there is a formula to it, it might not necessarily be. Above all, no matter what anyone does, it is God who determines who gets power as all power on planet earth belong to Him and He gives it to whoever He wishes. There are situations where people have ruled without anyone casting the ballot for them; what coalition would you call that? So, I believe that these things are just human approaches to actually see what result they can get.

You said that there is not even a kilometre of road constructed by the Federal Government in Akwa Ibom State. Could that be as a result of party differences?

It did not start today and it is not because of party differences.

What could have been the reason?

I cannot explain and I stand to be corrected if there is any. Even the so-called federal roads that we have spent money on to reconstruct, we are still waiting for reimbursement of the funds that we spent. Even at that, the Federal Inland Revenue Service is telling us to pay tax on money that I am still being owed.


How would you react to the assertion by the Niger-Delta Development Commission, NDDC, that your government is stopping it from embarking on projects in Akwa Ibom State?

There are nine states that make up the NDDC, put Akwa Ibom aside, pick other states and let them show you how many roads they have constructed and commissioned. If I am commissioning roads, I call people to come and be witnesses; let them show Nigerians the roads they have initiated, constructed and commissioned.

What can come as an advice is that if you occupy some public office, you should not have political ambition because you cannot play politics with the development of the people. As passionate as we are towards development, do you think it is practicable for us to tell somebody not to develop our state? It is all just blackmail and propaganda and we disassociate ourselves from such.

Probably, they just want to score a cheap political point and that was why I said that some public offices should be left for people who we know are out for development and not for those who will use such offices to actualise their political ambitions.

No state will allow any agency of the Federal Government to go and place a signpost on a road that it has awarded contract for its reconstruction.

It is not only about the NDDC; even the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA, does that. If I am doing rehabilitation of a federal road and FERMA goes and puts a signpost there, of course, I will remove it because I am using state funds for the job. If it is in their budget and I am doing it, they should go and account for it. They should not use what I have done to account for it. If you go to Akwa Ibom State now, I am resurfacing the road from Okot Ibot to Oron, which is a federal road, but you would be surprised to go there and see a FERMA signpost on it.

Are you saying that people, anyone with a political ambition should not be appointed into the NDDC?

I didn’t say only the NDDC. I said certain offices of developmental agencies that cut across the regions of the country because there would be some element of bias and I don’t need to define those biases.

How would you respond to the Water Resources Bill, which seeks to establish a regulatory framework for the water resources sector in Nigeria?

That was one of the major issues we addressed as South- South governors. It is not only affecting South-South. It is affecting everybody from Lagos State, Ondo State.

Whoever has water is affected by that bill. Because If you look at that bill, it is vesting everything water – surface water and underneath water in the Federal Government. It is a very dangerous bill.

I am completely against it because it is counter development. It also violates the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Take for example, my area, the whole life of our people is on water and the constitution does not separate the land from water.

So, how can you now say water on the surface and water beneath? What happens to us because we live on water, we survive on water, we do everything on water? Does it mean that those that have land, live on land and do everything on land, their governors have control, while governors of riverine areas where the people’s entire life is on water should not control anything? Is that not a violation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

So, it is a total rejection not just by me, but by the entire people of the South-South and South-East of this country and we just want to believe that at this time that our democracy is still fragile, we should put in things that will make the country stronger and not those that can call so many things to question.


Let’s do things that can move us forward and not backward. Such a bill can take us several thousand miles backwards. Believe me, we reject it in its entirety because it is against the constitution and it is an indirect way of saying that we are not Nigerians because everything about our life in the Niger- Delta is on water.

Is it true that there is a rift between you and your predecessor, Senator Godswill Akpabio, upon claims that some of his loyalists in your government were sacked?

No official has been sacked from government, I am not aware of any because the highest official through appointment is commissioner and no commissioner has been sacked. At times people misinterpret certain things. You know that it takes two to be in love and it also takes two to fight, so in this case, I will give you a straight answer; there is no rift because the second party is not available. You don’t play a football match when you don’t have an opponent.

Given the recent reconciliation among APC leaders in Akwa Ibom State, are you not afraid that they are putting aside their differences to fight you?

Let me tell you something. There is a difference between APC in Lagos State and APC in Abuja, and also APC in Akwa Ibom State. Personally, I don’t mention names of political parties, but because you mentioned a name, that is why I am doing so, though I don’t know whether the name you mentioned is a political party or whether it is Armoured Personnel Carrier if I may borrow your words.

Look at what happened on May 29, 2018 in Akwa Ibom State. Does it show Akwa Ibom as a state where you have another political party? I want to say it clearly that PDP in my state is like a religion. I told people three years ago that if someone is coming to conduct praise and worship in a church in Akwa Ibom State and happens to make the mistake to say PDP, people will answer.

Akwa Ibom is purely 100 per cent a PDP state, and it is a state that the people have seen development done by the party. So, what colour of another political party are you bringing to the people of the state and what new thing will the party do for them? On May 29, the people came out in their numbers to say this is where we belong.

Where have you seen such a thing before? Mind you, Akwa Ibom is 99.99 per cent Christians and if these people from all the 31 local government areas of the state led by the former National President of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and Prelate Emeritus of the Methodist Church Worldwide, have come out to say that there is no vacancy in the governorship office until 2023 and that it is Udom Emmanuel they want, which other political party are you mentioning?

How does the PDP expect to harmonise the various interests angling for the 2019 presidential ticket of your party?

If there are no aspirants at the national level, where else will you have people indicating interest? The constitution is clear that as far as you are eligible to contest, you can indicate interest. Different people aspire for different positions, but at the end of the day, it is the will of the people that will prevail. And no matter the number of people aspiring for the ticket, what matters is that we must have a candidate as a political party. If people don’t aspire, it means that the party is not alive. So, the number of people aspiring on the platform of the PDP shows the strength of the party and I welcome more to join. In fact, let’s have more than 100 aspirants, but like I said, at the end of the day, the will of the people will prevail when we go for the convention.


In spite of what you said that you have done, why are there pockets of protests against you from time to time?

Protests in which areas?

The last one was by a group of youths protesting against dearth of infrastructure in their area…

No, it has never happened, not in my state. You know I stated my opening remark by telling you that there are a lot of gossips and propaganda and so on. Let me also mention that sometime last week or two weeks ago, a state that pays salaries and pensions constantly, somebody went on the internet and posted that workers did not receive salaries.

But, it took even those who got their alert to come and defend the government to say they were not being owed even for a month. You see, you can’t take away this mischief, it didn’t start today, it started from creation. There have always been mischief makers all through.

That’s why we have that word in the dictionary, but you cannot take mischief to be a fact, mischief is mischief, propaganda is propaganda. There has never been any protest in my state, never.

How do you react to the prosecution of some PDP chiefs on the use of campaign funds and the question about the campaign funds of the ruling party?

Let me tell you something which you don’t know. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so if you hold power, you can do whatever you want to do, this thing we call power, I don’t want it to sound like a tautology, but as the name implies, anything called power can shock, it can bring light, it can burn, it can do something else.

So, depending on who holds power, and how he wants to play with it. What do you define as money laundering? If I contest election right now and I try to buy fez-caps and I buy them from you; what offence have you committed? I think it’s something that we might not be able to answer totally right now, but the future should be able to provide answers to some of these questions.

How prepared is your party ahead of 2019 to ensure that you win the presidential poll?

I think Nigerians can decipher and put it straight who would govern this country, and who among those aspiring has deep knowledge of the economy. Again, the person must trend. I think you know what I mean by trend. You know those who are in that category.

The person must trend, the person must have adequate understanding of the economic issue that can make an impact. I am from the private sector, I know how I feel for somebody who was holding hundreds of millions of Naira investment and of no offence of his nor has he done anything wrong, even with that investment in his hand, he has lost more than 50 per cent value of his investment. These are things we need to look at because the country is bigger than an individual.

Culled from Vanguard.


Eket State Constituency, My stewardship – Hon. David Lawrence




Eket State Constituency, My stewardship – Hon. David Lawrence

As the representative of the good people of Eket State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State house of Assembly, I have by the grace of God,been able to effectively represent my people,by my personal relationship with my constituents, community development, as well as my ability to attract human capital development projects to the area,for the benefit of my people.

When I was inaugurated into office in 2015, as the member representing Eket State Constituency, I made a promise to my people, that the victory at the poll was not just a personal victory, but a collective victory to all Eket sons and daughters, who were agitating for good leadership and effective representation,which were eluding the people, prior to my emergence.

I took over the mandate of the people with utmost loyalty to all and sundry, and in the course of discharging my duties both as a legislator and a representative of the people,I have not been found wanting. The successes I have recorded so far since I got into the house of Assembly, as a member of the sixth Assembly, became a reality because my people believe in me,and their support is what has strengthen my faith in all my developmental strides.

From the day I was inaugurated into office, till today,I have within my power been able to effectively represent my people, whose mandate am holding in trust. As a lawmaker, I have been actively involve in the business of lawmaking, oversight function,and representation, which is community base,and my people are happy that they voted for just a legislator, but one who knows his Job.

The joy of every lawmaker is to contribute in the business of legislation, by sponsoring bills,co-sponsor bills,move motions,carry out oversight functions,and effectively represent the people. By the grace of God,I have a bill to my name,which was passed by the house,one law that if well implemented, will generate revenue to Akwa Ibom State. That is ” A bill for a law to establish Akwa Ibom State Signage and Advertisements Control Agency”.

To me,i came into politics because i saw it as a call for service and not for my own interest,that is why i always carry the interest of my people along in the policies i make as regard the people. For instance,i initiated the Ultra Modern Market project in Eket,which CICASA west Africa company Ltd is in charge of the remodeling, to replace the old Urua Nka ,which aimed at creating jobs for the people,create an impact in the local government,thereby ensuring self- reliance among the people. The Ultra modern market was estimated at 9billion naira with a total capacity of 5,000 shops.


Before I joined politics,I had worked at Kalis Airline as an Administrative officer/personal Assistant to the managing Director from 1992-1995, Oscar Marine Limited as Admin Officer/Personnel Assistant to the Managing Director 1995 – 1996, Admin/Operations Manager 1995 – 1997, as well as General Manager 1997 – 2002 managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Goldwater Marine International Limited between 2002 – 2014,so I had a profession before joining politics, and also the charisma to effectively discharge my duties,at whatever position I have found myself, and I have never been found wanting.

One thing that I know is that,posterity will speak for me,because I have so far done my best,to carry the people of my State Constituency along, and I have also given room for feedbacks from my people,on the projects I have attracted to the constituency. The construction of the Ibom super highway, construction of Ekid stadium, the relocation of the Eket motor park,to a more befitting place, are things that gets me excited ,that I succeeded in those areas,that others before me failed. The relocation of Urua Nka market to the Ultra modern market is one of the tough decision I made ,as the member representing the area at the Akwa Ibom State house of Assembly,because other authorities tried and it was an act in futility.

The last time I stopped by the Timber market at Ikot Uso Ekong,I was happy,because of the decision I made to construct shades at the timber market,all for my to have a standard timber market, after moving from the old site,which was too depilated. The new face of the timber market came with new toilets, borehole and other amenities, to ease the stress of doing business at the market.

Am always excited to know that ,I have broken the jink for representation of the State house of Assembly in Eket State constituency, on the grounds that,for more than 20years,this is the first time,a first timer from Eket State constituency has been given a portfolio as a principal officer in the house of Assembly. And I know this is because of the effective representation that I have given to my people,and my cordial relationship with my colleague to sustain development by supporting the efforts by the Executive arms of the government, to move Akwa Ibom State forward.

As a listening and effective representative of the good people of Eket State constituency, I took interest and fixed up the erosion menace at AME Zion primary school,Usung Inyang Eket ,that was taken over by flood. I did that because it was a burden on the neck of my constituents, that I took an oath to look at for,as their representative. The flood and erosion control project,was handled by Nigerpet,today the story is different.


The renovation of Administrative Block, Government secondary school,Afaha Eket, construction of Ultra modern ICT centre at Idua, provision of 150 writing desks and chairs to the pupils, payment of monthly stipends ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 to my constituents from 2015 till date,floating of 100,000 grants each 25 women for small scale trading, award of scholarship to 12 undergraduate students of Eket in some specific disciplines effective 2018/2019 session,are things that when I look back,I feel fulfilled as a representative of the people

Without any gainsaying,for the interest I have in the future of youths of my state constituency, I have during the past three years of my representation,recommended over twenty of my constituents for NCE employment in SUBEB,five recommended for oil and gas servicing company in Baker Hughes Nigeria limited Lagos. Training of youths on pipe fitting and welding, fashion and design.

As a result of my effective representation,my people are of the opinion that i should return for a second term to the house of Assembly to represent the people and continue in the good works am doing for the constituency. To them bring in a fresh hand to my position in 2019,may not be in the interest of the people,because some of the capital projects I have initiated, like the Eket Modern Market project, may suffer setback,because am the one the Chinese company managing the market have been dealing with,and have established some level of trust,to help sustain that project.

As the chairman house committee on environment, my committee has been able to effectively support the vision of the sixth Akwa Ibom State house of,that is christened the ” peoples Assembly”, in ensuring that erosion menace in the state is given a serious attention,like the one at Etim Umanah in Anua, which we inspected,proffer a workably solution, and very many other environmental issues facing the state,especially when Novak Investment Company,the only indigenous rubber production company in the state was under threat of gully erosion.

When I look back at the level I have so gotten involve in the activities of my local government, especially when it bothers on my constituents,I feel fulfilled as a representative. My interest in the welfare of students in the constituency, led me into establishing an undergraduate bursary assistance scheme for the students, all aimed at encouraging them to be focus and take their studies serious.

By the grace of God, i directed the disbursement of forms from the 24th- 30th of April ,2018,for my undergraduate students bursary assistance scheme to commence,so that more students will have the opportunity and access to the package and make use of it. 198 undergraduates students of Eket origin were paid the bursary assistance in the first phase, at my constituency office at Eket.


In very many cases,I attribute my successes to my people,who irrespective of some paid derogatory news stories,articles on social media just to tarnish my image,which any reasonable person will know are false and should not be taken seriously have stood by me. The market men and women,the okada riders,the church community, the students,the traditional institutions ,as well as the stakeholders in the politics of Eket local government are happy with my representation.

Few weeks ago,I was given a royal blessing by my monarch to contest for a second term ,to represent the good people of Eket state constituency, not because he was under pressure or induce to do it,but he is satisfied with my performances as his representative. So many groups, individuals on a daily bases are calling on me to contest in 2019,but I keep telling them that I will take their advice for the sake of the Eket people, who are interested in seeing that some of the capital projects initiated by me are completed. And most importantly, that power comes from God. That is why,I, David Lawrence,believes in nothing else to succeed in politics than God,who has so far protected and guided me throughout my days as a Vice Chairman of Eket local government till today.

As part of my continuous exercise of giving back to my people,i called for a constituency briefing, which took place at Eket local government Secretariat ground,with the theme ” Boundless Grace”, on Friday,8th June,2018,where gifts items were given out to my people, while thanking God for his grace to represent them.

At the Constituency briefing which was the first of his kind ,with distinguish sons and daughters, coming out in their numbers to appreciate God for his Grace. I gave out 28 Motor cars,35 Freezers, 4 hair dryers, 31 Television set,35 Generators ,11 Motorcycles, 14 Sewing Machines.

I thank my able Governor,Deacon Udom Emmanuel, who has contributed so much to the Eket people to ensure,that a new Eket local government is born,whose inspiration I stand to arise for the interest Eket State Constituency.

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Kidnappers attack judge in Akwa Ibom




Kidnappers attack judge in Akwa Ibom

A judge of Akwa Ibom State High Court, Justice Okon Okon, escaped death today as kidnappers from Rivers State attacked him in the Court premises in Uyo, threatening to kill him for sentencing them to death.

Immediately after the Presiding Judge pronounced the death sentence, the condemned criminals rained abuses on him and also threatened to kill Akwa Ibom State Government Prosecution team.

The condenmed criminals went berserk, destroying the window of the court-room, causing pandemonium in Ikot Ekpene Road, where the court is located.

The situation worsened with other Courts, litigants and lawyers running helter skelter for dear life.

For about an hour, the kidnappers refused to leave the Courtroom throwing the scene into pandemonium.

It took the intervention of the detachment of soldiers and Police to rein the criminals in, taking them into a waiting prison van.

The condemned kidnappers are Bernard Efe Ajomaya, Christian Charles Naya, Daniel West and Shedrach Dick Dala.

They had on 19th May, 2015, kidnapped a medical expert in Uyo, Dr. Usen Bassey from his IniAbasi Clinic, where they demanded a N10m ransom.

They were said to have been arrested on their way back to Rivers State in Ogoni with part of the ransom, international passport and financial documents belonging to the medical doctor.

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Aniekeme Finbarr

WITHOUT a doubt, in 3 years, Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has delivered good governance, life touching projects, peace, political cohesion, rededicated the state to God and managed a depressing recession. It may sound easy but like the Unique Brothers would sing, to be a Governor and to perform well…AMEM?

Statistics shows that Akwa Ibom is second on the table of the few states in Nigeria that attract foreign investors. The industrialization agenda is blooming with the Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Factory, the largest on the continent and the Metering Solutions Factory both commissioned and running…AMEM?

The Jubilee Syringe Factory was Commissioned by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on September 23,2017 produces One million syringes daily. The syringe Factory currently employs at least 70 Akwa Ibom people, who were trained in Turkey with just five experts working there. Currently, more Akwa Ibom youths are abroad undergoing training and will return to boost the manpower needs of the company, as the factory looks to expand in future…Amazed by this development, Vice President Osinbajo, who is of the APC said Governor Udom Emmanuel is a clever Governor…AMEM?

To procure & distribute free text books & other

educational materials; pay subventions to public primary & secondary schools; pay over N600 million WAEC fees for our children in public secondary schools annually…AMEM?

To upgrade the Akwa Ibom State College of Arts & Science, Nung Ukim, Ikono to a College of Science and Technology. As well as provide significant support for the establishment of the Nigerian Navy

School in Oruk Anam and Army School in Etinan…AMEM?

As we speak there are Local Government Areas that have not known road construction in the last ten years, some since they were born. They now have completed or ongoing road projects…AMEM?

The people of Itie Ikpe, Nkana Itie Ikpe, Ikpe Ikot Nkon, Obotme, Ukpakon, Edem Urua, Ikwueme, Okpoto, Ikpanya in Akwa Ibom State did not dream that in their lifetime, they will have a tarred road take them home. Since they were born, the Ikpe Ikot Nkon – Obotme – Arochukwu road is the first tarred road in the axis…AMEM?

Our brothers in Abia State are so happy, from Amuvi, Asaga, Obinkita, Ibom, Ututu to Ihechiowa, the story is the same, there is a tarred road now linking Akwa Ibom to Abia State. What a record, Oh Governor Udom Emmanuel…AMEM?

The 14.1km Ikpe Ikot Nkon – Obot Mme – Arochukwu road in Ini Local Government Area is almost completed and the people of Arochukwu in Abia State have already offered a chieftaincy title to honour Governor Udom Emmanuel in appreciation of the road, which ends at the boundary between the two states. He politely declined…AMEM?

Work is on-going in the following projects: the 11,00 hectares coconut plantation; and 16,000 hectares cassava plantation in 15 LGA’s. Youths numbering 450 have been trained in cocoa maintenance, shedding and pruning and they are using these skills to grow cocoa all over the state. We have also subsidized fertilizers and we have given oil palm & cocoa seedlings to farmers all over the State. Other projects include the Akwa Prime Hatchery, which produces 10,000 day old chicks weekly, the cultivation of over 100 hectares of rice, and the Free Improved Corn seed distribution program for farmers…AMEM?

Akwa United football Club, for the first time in over twenty years of her existence was inspired to fourth position on the National League table under the Udom Emmanuel led administration…AMEM?


Akwa United played her maiden international tournament, the CAF Confederations Cup following the Dakkada philosophy the new management of the club put together by Governor Udom Emmanuel imbibed…AMEM?

Akwa United won her first ever major trophy in 2016 after Governor Udom Emmanuel repositioned the club carting away the FA Cup. Akwa United made history by winning the maiden Aiteo Cup in 2017 is currently playing Continental football this year 2018 at the well maintained Godswill Akpabio international stadium…AMEM?

The second Akwa Ibom Youths Sports Festival just started after the very successful maiden edition where all Secondary schools are expected to participate giving a window for talent hunt. Over 10,000 kids playing in more than 20 sports…AMEM?

Eket Stadium is currently under construction in fulfillment of Governor Emmanuel’s campaign pledge. The artificial Turf and all modern fittings needed to build the Eket Stadium and revamp the Uyo Township Stadium have been delivered and received by the State government…AMEM?

Governor Emmanuel has built a sports complex at West Itam Secondary school opposite the NNPC Mega station along Uyo Ikot Ekpene Road. 9 more to go…AMEM?

The female team of Akwa Ibom State, Ibom Angels made it to the FA Cup final and finished second, which is tremendous improvement on her past records….AMEM?

There is a revival of our football supporters culture as more and more enthusiasts are trooping to the stadium to watch live matches since Governor Emmanuel took over….AMEM?

Governor Udom Emmanuel is working and achieving so much success in developing our sports sector in less than three years…AMEM?

Governor Udom Emmaniel is currently undertaking the construction of over 50 roads in the Uyo metropolis and environs…AMEM?

Akpaube Close, Akpa Ube Lane off IBB Avenue, Ekperi Close by Akpaube, Idak Ukpa Street, off Aka Etinan Road, Afaha Atai village crescent road, in lbesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, Vision close in Nsukara Offot, Udotong Ubo Lane, Akparen Street, Nung Atai Street leading to Christian Secondary Commercial School, Ibiono Lane, Unit D line in Ewet Housing Estate, Ediye Samuel Street, off Edet Akpan Avenue, 12.Akpan Ndem Street by Ewet Housing Estate, Unit G Line in Ewet Housing Estate, Eden Udo Close, roads around Atan Offot from Aka Etinan to the back of the State Secretariat and another spur to Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard, Ring roads 2 now wear a new look…AMEM?

Information Drive was completed and commissioned, Cornelia Corneli College Uyo were constructed and commissioned, the Nsikak Eduok Avenue by Oron road, Edet Akpan Avenue intersection flooding has been conquered as Governor Udom Emmanuel completed an underground tunnel from Edet Akpan Avenue through Udo Udoma Avenue linking it to the Tropicana drainage, down into Obot idim Ibesikpo stream as the outfall…AMEM?

The construction of the 3.5km Ring Road 2 project is also ongoing extending from the dead end of Udo Udoma Avenue across Aka community through Afaha Offot to link up Abak Road. You should know that road…AMEM?

Two days after taking his oath of office to Governor Udom Emmanuel paid a visit to the 78 years old Premier St. Luke’s Hospital Anua. As a dividend of that working visit, a New Administrative Storey building block named after Dr Ann Ward was built and Commissioned by Governor Udom Emmanuel…AMEM?

Two other buildings were completely renovated including the Gynecology block and the Male block. Internal roads in the Anua hospital were tarred and the perimeter fence renovated. All these achieved in a record 70 days in office…AMEM?

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The Etinan General Hospital has been completely rehabilitated, upgraded, and equipped with modern hi tech health care facilities…AMEM?

The Ikono General Hospital has been overhauled, refurbished, repositioned and upgraded for efficient secondary Healthcare delivery while the Ituk Mbang General Hospital has been up for remodeling and upgrading courtesy of Governor Udom Emmanuel…AMEM?

Considerable medical supplies and consumables were distributed to General hospitals including Immanuel Hospital Eket…AMEM?

The 4.6km School of Arts and Science Road Nung Ukim Ikono has been completed with side drains and is ready for commissioning. The Gully Erosion that threatened to completely destroy the major access road linking Ikono and Ini has been arrested by the Udom Emmanuel administration…AMEM?

The 19.3km Anua Mbak Ishiet road in Uruan traversing 7 villages including, Anua, Ifa Ikot Okpon, Mbak, Ikot Otoinye, Ekim Enen, Adadia, and Ishiet is progressing and the 4.0km Mbiatok – Ekritam – Mbiaya Uruan road, criss crossing Ita Uruan, Ikpa and Mbiakong villages is steadily advancing…AMEM?

The 8.5km Nduetong – Oku Ibiaku Uruan – Ekritam road with spur to Ini Uruan, that passes through the Uyo City Polytechnic to Planet FM 101. 1 premises is in the works, valuation of property that will be affected by the road is ongoing and sorting this out to enable compensation payment to owners will eventually get the project on course. Development is not a tea party…Ebo AMEM?

No Governor in the current class can stand shoulder-to – shoulder with Governor Udom Emmanuel for roads constructed amidst the terrible economic recession Nigeria is enmeshed in. Governor Emmanuel’s administration is currently building five dualized roads to completely link up the entire State…AMEM?

The dual carriage 20km Ekom Iman – Etinan road traversing Ikot Oku Ikono – Asuna, Ishiet Erong, Etinan Urban to the roundabout by Etinan Institute. Then the next stretch of 29.0km Etinan – Ndon Eyo road, also dualized, extending through Ekpene Ukpa, Efa, Mbioto, Ikot Oku Ekanem, Awa, Mkpok to Ndon Eyo…AMEM?

The dualization of the 14.5km Uyo – Oron Road (Airport Road – Okopedi Oron – Oron Road by East West Road) cutting across Ekpene Ukim, Ikot Asua, Ikot Etieidung, Nung Atai Eta, and Okopedi Okobo in Nsit Atai and Okobo Local Government Areas…AMEM?

The 13.5km Okopedi Okobo – Oron Road proceeding from Nung Atai Eta, Itak, Uyatie, Edeghi Awa Ikpi, Otti Oro and Uya Oro villages in Okobo and Oron Local Government Areas…AMEM?

The 23. 5km Eket-Etinan Road with three bridges is progressing and cuts across Etinan Urban, Afaha Nsit, Ndiya, Itreto, Okon Eket, to Eket Urban by Okpongkong Bridge…AMEM?

The 19.5km Eket ibeno road which opened up access from Marina Junction Eket to Edebok, Esit Urua, Mkpanak and Ukpenekang villages which has been commissioned by Governor Udom Emmanuel…AMEM?

All these major roads…Ebo AMEM?

Governor Udom Emmanuel is also continuing the inherited dualization of the 25 km Uyo – Ikot Ekpene Road and is determined to complete it…Ebo AMEM?

Obot Akara and Oruk Anam Local and Areas just got their first first major Roads in decades. The 6.4km Nto Edino – Ekwere Azu Road linking Mbiaso and Nto Edino villages to Ekwere Azu border community of Abia State has been commissioned. Two bridges to replace the collapsed ancient of days bridge on that road is 90% complete. Trade, Commerce and social interactions between the two States is now in full trot…AMEM?

The construction of 42. 195km Ikot Ekaide – Ikot Okoro – Ikot Ibiritam – Ekeffe – Ikot Akpan Afaha Road sections 1&2, linking Oruk Anam to Ukanafun and the East West Road is on course…AMEM?


Another 28km Abak Nsekhe – Ikot Akpa Nkuk – Ikot Etim – Ikot Ikara joining up to Ikot Ibiritam, also in Oruk Anam has been awarded and work has begun on that road giving Oruk Anam a sense of inclusion and belonging…AMEM?

Emmanuel has continued to give premium coverage for Education, even in the face of the harsh economy, facilitating the advent of three new Secondary Schools in the State…AMEM?

The Nigerian Navy Military school (NNMS), Ikot Ntuen, Oruk Anam Local Government Area is set for commissioning…AMEM?

The newly established Army Command Science Secondary School in Efa, Etinan Local Government Area, which was refurbished and equipped to replace the Salvation Army Secondary School. Are you aware? …AMEM?

The Model Girls Secondary School, Ikot Ekang, Abak Local Government Area which Governor Emmanuel commissioned and which has since commenced operation…AMEM?

There is also the Obio Akpa campus of the Akwa Ibom State University, in Oruk Anam, where six major projects commissioned by the governor include: a Digital Language Library, a commercial farm palm oil mill, a commercial farm feeds mill, vegetable screen house, Ultra Modern Mass Communication Studios and a magnificent Arts Theatre…AMEM?

The entire stretch of internal and access roads in the Obio Akpa campus are under construction complete with side drains…AMEM?

The College of Education, Afaha Nsit, Nsit Ibom Local Government is recording a massive face lift, as access and internal roads are in advanced stages of construction. Governor Emmanuel is committed to creating a conducive atmosphere for learning by boosting infrastructure in the tertiary institutions…AMEM?

The ultra modern Administrative Block in Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden was commissioned by Governor Udom Emmanuel and do know that the construction of internal and access Roads have commenced in the Permanent site of AKSU in Mkpat Enin?…AMEM?

The University of Uyo just got her first Arts Gallery building courtesy of the first family to honour the memory of Late Prince Bernard Sampson Idiong and Professor Stella Idiong, parents of Her Excellency, Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel? Isn’t this gesture a manifest proof of their love for education?…Ebo ke AMEM?

The Udom Emmanuel administration has sustained the free and compulsory education from Pre Primary to Senior Secondary 3, and undertakes payment of Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, SSCE, fees and running into hundreds of millions for all indigent students…AMEM?

As part of the State’s people-oriented programme free eye care and treatment programme was carried out across the State, in conjunction with MTN Foundation at Ibom Hall. At that programme, 15,350 people were screened for various eye diseases, 1,150 eye surgeries performed, and 2,000 eye glasses distributed free of charge. This program was carried out through FEYReP, the signature programme of the governor’s wife, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel…AMEM?

In pursuit of animal protein sufficiency Akwa Prime Hatchery with a capacity to deliver 540,000 day old chick per month was constructed and is still producing…AMEM?

Salaries of government workers are paid within a month and government is touching every sector in many remarkable ways.

What’s the secret? Abasi nnyin anyedo the source. To be a performing Governor…AMEM?

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